Carrollton Restaurant Looks to Change Social Atmosphere

image00-4Rocky’s Bar and Grill, located on Columbia Drive, is one of Carrollton’s latest eateries to open. The restaurant opened April 2, 2016 with hopes of bringing a taste of Texas to Carrollton. Jelisa Crane, the restaurant’s owner, knew that Carrollton needed a livelier venue than what she had seen when she moved to Carrollton seven years ago.

Rocky’s shares some similarities to other Carrollton bars and restaurants but also has amenities that make the restaurant stand out. With flat screens at every corner, a dance floor and a couple of pool tables, Rocky’s Bar and Grill has the atmosphere for a good night. Customers can dance, play pool, or even sit at the bar and catch highlights of big games. Because the restaurant is fairly new, it has had trouble generating customers during the daytime.

“It’s hard getting people to come in because they see the restaurant but not many cars in the parking lot,” said Crane. “Many people don’t know what we’re about.”

In the day, Rocky’s is seen as quiet and pleasingly graceful, serving dishes such as pastas and steaks. During nights, specifically Friday, is when students and Carrollton locals can come in and express their creativity through karaoke, dance battles and DJ’ing.  

Crane wants to create an aura where everyone feels welcome. She reflected on one Friday night where everyone enjoyed themselves while they ate and danced.  

“It was just great energy,” said Crane. “There was no violence, no fighting, which was amazing to see. I just want everyone to feel like they belong here.”

As a responsible bar owner should, Crane considers the dangers of students going to bars and driving home. She explained how she wants to create a safe space for individuals when they are inebriated by keeping the restaurant open late. Keeping the restaurant open late allows the students to sober up by eating before trying to drive home, unlike the bars where closing hours approach and bar goers are forced to leave. Rocky’s is not far from the university, and is even closer to the student apartments off-campus.

Rocky’s Bar and Grill self-proclaims themselves as having the best wings in the city. With so much wing competition in Carrollton, Rocky’s must have something to set them apart. Their secret? Many of their sauces are a home recipe.

“I don’t care for sauces you can buy from a grocery store,” Crane said. “Even if I use a sauce from a grocery store I have to add my own ingredients to it to achieve that unique taste.”

The store owner wants to eventually have her own line of wing sauces. The sauces allotted to customers range from “sweet and spicy” to “jalapeno ranch.” Crane provides a variety of wing sauces and toppings that all have a distinct taste that wing lovers will not find anywhere else in Carrollton.  

Another advantage with Rocky’s is their location. With the restaurant being so close to the university, it provides students with more options surrounding West Georgia. Rocky’s Bar and Grill also delivers to any location and has all types of food options for different taste buds.



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