CCEC appoints new director

The Carrollton/Carroll County Education Collaborative (CCEC) has announced Dr. John Green as its new director. Green was appointed on Nov. 1 to be responsible for continuing the CCEC’s vision, mission and defining and refining its goals by implementing and fulfilling their operations.

The CCEC was formed December 2014 as a community-wide education initiative to join education leadership throughout Carrollton and Carroll County. It provides a K-16 academic environment that supports success in college-level academics and workforce-ready skills as well as supplies financial literacy to make post-secondary education accessible. It has been a collaboration between the University of West Georgia (UWG), West Georgia Technical College, Carroll County and the City of Carrollton school systems as well as chamber and community leaders.

“What makes the CCEC unique is the different agencies working together with the county school systems,” said Green. “The business community is also a part of it, like the Chamber of Commerce.”

The CCEC has four main goals to try and guarantee K-16 success. It desires to ensure academic success; create career pathways and access to post-secondary education; guarantee that all students in Carroll County graduate from high school with the tools necessary to enter either the workforce or a post-secondary education; and close the achievement gap among the students. They hope to achieve this though communication, preparedness, access, opportunity and completion of post-secondary education.

“It is a collaborative effort to help students who have talents find the right path and to have choices for their various opportunities,” said Green. “We also strive to increase dual enrollment and dual college and career opportunities so that the students are not only college prepared but also work prepared.”

As director, Green manages the action plans and communication of the CCEC as well as building relationships and resources to help students. He also oversees three subcommittees and their assignments, programming and reporting. The subcommittees focus on dual enrollment, post-secondary readiness and college literacy and data sharing. Green’s job further requires him to be the spokesperson and representative to regional, state, and local school boards and education support groups.

“We want to increase awareness and give more consistent information that is shared amongst everyone,” he said. “Anyone who is focused on student services is a part of the initiative. It’s a collaborative effort to be more efficient and organized for the students.”

His position as director was initially a three-year commitment, but he hopes to see the CCEC grow into additional service arears in other counties in Georgia.

“I hope it can potentially become a model for the rest of the state to follow,” he said. “We have to make sure we design it effectively in order to ensure it continues to work.”

Green has been an avid member of the education system in Georgia. He previously provided training and development for various organizations, such as Georgia State University and North Gwinnett School Foundation. He was also the superintendent for Jackson County Schools in Jefferson, Ga., where he implemented a system-wide leadership program and teacher improvement process.



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