Center of Diversity and inclusion Celebrates UWG’s fourth Annual National Women’s History Month Program

The Center of Diversity organized a National Women’s History Month Program held on March 27. This program was created to educate students on the historical impact women have made all around the United States. Doris Railey Kieh, the program coordinator for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is planning the event along with other staff members and students.

“Even though I am in care of organizing the program, our office staff work as a team,” said Kieh. “One of my duties is organizing programs for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and that includes the Women History Month Program.”

National Women’s History month is observed throughout the month of March and gives men and women alike an opportunity to learn more about the people who have impacted the United States as well as other countries.

“The National Women’s History Month recognizes the contributions women have made to the nation,” said Kieh.

Every year at the program the Center of Diversity Committee picks a speaker to present a speech presentation to the students and all who attend.

Kieh said this recognition traces its roots to the National Women’s History Project. The Women’s History Project is the foundation of significant women’s activists being observed and honored through March.

A program like this involves many steps aside from just putting posters up around campus for the staff and Dr. Kieh.

“The planning stage begins by coming up with a date, reserving the space in the Campus Center Ballroom, and identifying the guest speaker,” said Kieh. “We also solicit co-sponsorship which is the Women Studies Program on campus. The final stage is putting the program together which involves working with the office assistant and staff.”

A theme is also selected each year that will be the epicenter of the program and the exhibit in Row Hall, which was done by graduate assistant Jessica Rios-Ramirez and student assistant Morgan Peterson. Once the staff has made their recommendations for the display, the assistants create it.

“We usually use the theme established by the National Women’s History Project,” said Kieh.  “This year’s theme is: Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment.”

However, this department began with the title of the Office of Institutional Diversity when the first Women History Program was organized and held in 2011.

Dr. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle has been chosen as this year’s speaker. She is the President and co-owner of Leadership Success International, LCC. She has at many venues and programs worldwide and is President of South African Tourism in the United States and former Vice President for Corporate Affairs for South African Airways.

“Dr. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle will be speaking on ‘Dare to Dream and Live Your Dream’,” said Kieh. “She will bring several perspectives to bear. I think students will gain valuable information from her presentation.”



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