Clothes that are So Worth Loving

Photo Credit: Yellow Bird Visuals
Photo Credit: Yellow Bird Visuals

Has anyone ever told you that you are worth loving? It is easy to get caught up in waist size, economic standing or relationship status, but that does not have to determine your value as a person. That is the message that Atlanta-based So Worth Loving wants everyone to hear.

So Worth Loving is a clothing brand that uses their clothing to promote the idea that no matter what someone’s past, physical appearance or career, they are worth loving. Their logo is half diamond to represent someone’s worth and half heart to represent love. They want their shirts to spread the idea that “I am so worth loving, and so are you.”

“I found out about So Worth Loving right after I had started the healing process for my eating disorder that lasted for about a year and half to two years,” said SWL blog editor Karlye Hayes.

In the summer of 2013, Karlye saw one of her friends wearing a So Worth Loving shirt on Instagram. She looked them up and found out they were having a party for their customers before going on tour.

“The party itself had so many people that were just loving on each other and just accepting of each other,” Karlye said. “And it was something that I guess I have never been opened to before.”

Until then, she had no trouble believing that other people were beautiful, but never could see herself in that way. Reading through customer stories on the So Worth Loving blog she now edits, Karlye discovered that she was not the only one who struggled with an eating disorder.

It was at that party Karlye met the owner and founder of SWL, Eryn Erickson. Eryn was bullied when she was younger for being small. It was enough to make her wish that she could somehow be bigger. Through writing music for her band, Eddy, she found a way to love herself. Wanting to make merchandize for her band, she felt weird about having her name and face enlarged on t-shirts, so she came up with a simple idea. Eryn spray-painted the phrase “So Worth Loving” on t-shirts and gave them out for free at a show. She had no idea of the impact it would have. Soon, fans began mailing her shirts so that she could paint the phrase on them.

Since then, So Worth Loving has been featured in magazines and popular blogs, one of which is the MTV blog. One of their shirts was featured in an episode of “True Life,” so the blog editor for MTV linked on their blog. In the past two months, the company has gained over 3,000 followers on Instagram and 1,000 more on Facebook. They have partnered with the anti-human trafficking organization, Not For Sale, through which they were both mentioned at Turner Field before a Braves game. This summer, the company went on a Southeastern tour, where they traveled to coffee shops in order to meet up with customers to form relationships.

Now, Karlye Hayes has the opportunity to go on tour with the company that she discovered at one of their pre-tour parties. When she is not editing content for So Worth Loving, she is editing content for one of three other organizations or running her own blog, Flower Roots. Since January, Karlye has been editing the blog that once helped her believe she is So Worth Loving and enjoying the opportunity to tell her customers that they are, too.



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