Core classes: Are they necessary?

As high school seniors are preparing for graduation, they are challenged with the question, “Do I go to college to get a degree to ultimately earn more money, or do I go straight into the work force to begin my life?” Attending a university includes taking almost two years of core classes before getting into classes that are actually focused on a selected major. The core classes required in college are the same material that is taught through middle and high school. Why should students pay universities extra money to take classes they have already taken?

UWG students are required core classes in a variety of subjects before moving on to their major-specific classes. These core classes help students keep up with the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics. With that in mind, the classes geared toward the student’s major do the same thing. Major classes allow students to get experience in their desired field of study. By allowing students to learn the aspects of that field early on, they are able to become better practitioners in what they are studying.

“If I had the opportunity to skip core classes and save time and money, I would do it,” said Micah Cramer, a student at UWG. “If students could take all of their core classes in high school, students at universities could have the opportunity to graduate earlier.”

On average UWG students need 120 hours to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The time taking core classes could be spent on taking major classes, which would allow students to graduate a few years earlier. A typical college student takes up to 30 credit hours of core classes, which could be a year and half of college time spent on core classes.

“I would rather take my major classes and try to graduate as early as I can,” said Dipesh Patel, an Accounting major at UWG.

When students are making the choice to further their educational career, they must consider how much time they will spend in college and how much money they are willing to pay. Students or their parents will save over thousands of dollars when they think about going to a technical school over a public university.

UWG falls under the University System of Georgia (USG), which regulates the core class curriculum for public universities across the state. This means there is a high chance that core classes will not be eliminated anytime in the near future at UWG.



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