David Steen: a hometown favorite

It was Wednesday night in Carrollton; young college students, leathered up bikers, worn out blue-collar workers and others were anxious to unwind from their day. They trusted and waited for David Steen and his acoustic guitar to provide that down-home feeling.

Steen took his place on a bar stool in front of an over-sized American flag with his guitar in hand. The chatter of the crowd turned silent. The chords to “Little Pink Houses” by John Cougar Mellencamp resonated throughout the hometown bar, followed by other 50s and 60s classic rock and country songs, along with Steen’s own original music.

Smiling faces were visible from every angle and laughter filled the room; Steen delivered.

“These people are what I like the most about playing these live shows, especially when they’re feeling the music,” Steen said.

When it comes to playing gigs, Steen offered passionate advice for other artists.

“To be successful at this you’ve got to love doing it because there will be times when you may not be getting paid, there will be times when people just don’t seem to care, or you don’t think they are listening to you,” he said. “If you’ve got a crowd of 100 people, and you’re getting disgruntled because you think that no one is listening there may be that one person who gets it. That means more to me than you’ll ever know.”

Steen recorded his latest album, Diary of a Heartache, in Roopville, GA.

“I went through a divorce,” Steen explained. “Then I got into another relationship and got my heartbroken. That inspired me to write, so I thought it’d be cool to make a whole CD of nothing but breakup songs. They’re not all sad songs, and they’re not all about me. It’s about a bunch of different relationships.”

Steen is currently halfway into producing a new album, which he says will be more positive, more upbeat and more fun.

“I’m blessed with some killer co-writers. Sometimes when I come out shooting strong, but I can’t quite get it, they always come through and help me put it together.”

Steen performs every Wednesday at TC Rose on 220 Columbia Drive at 7p.m.. He also plays occasional shows at The Irish Bred Pub and LocoMex. He will also play at the Carroll County recreational department fall festival this October. His albums can be purchased at any of his events or by visiting his website at davidsteenmusic.com. All of his music is available on iTunes and iHeartRadio.



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