Photo Credit: Annierra Matthews

Drag queens perform for UWG students

Photo Credit: Annierra Matthews
Photo Credit: Annierra Matthews

Lambda, UWG’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) organization, hosted its seventh annual Drag Show in the Campus Center Ballroom on Saturday, April 2. Students filled the ballroom to watch Atlanta drag queens Destiny Brooks, Arilyn Oz, Iysis Dupree, Heather Daniels, Porsha Daniels and Kitty Love Antoinette performed confident and sensual routines.

“Lambda’s Drag Show was started in order to reach out to the West Georgia community and get them engaged in something typically considered a part of the LGBTQ community,” said Shelby Hearn, Lambda’s president.

Four of the six performers – Oz, Antoinette, Porsha Daniels and Heather Daniels – also performed in the Drag Show last year.

“I think our audience is what keeps performers coming back,” said Hearn. “UWG students are very enthusiastic audience members, and that’s what makes it fun. We’ve got great energy from them.”

According to Hearn, huge crowd turnout is typical at past event, normally with over 100 people in attendance, and this year proved no different. Students filled every chair in the room, with some even standing in the back.

“People love a good drag show, and it’s nice not to have to drive all the way out to Atlanta to see one,” said Hearn. “Not to mention this one is free.”

Students received nothing less than the full show. In glorious, sexy costumes, the stunning queens lip-synced and danced across the stage to pop hits including Beyonce’s “Formation” and Rihanna’s “Diamonds.”

The queens were not merely isolated to the stage; they also strutted through the crowd and interacted with audience members. They lap-danced and pulled people from their chairs to dance with them.

The biggest crowd pleaser was the group performance. All of the ladies dressed up as Disney villainesses, like Ursula, Maleficent and Snow White’s Evil Queen. After the show, they stayed around to meet and greet students.

Porsha Daniels’ favorite part of performing was the rush of entertaining the audience.

“[They were] constantly upbeat and cheering,” Porsha Daniels said. “Whether they knew what was going on or not, they all kept the morale to the highest point possible, which in return gives the entertainers more energy to put into their performances. I will most definitely come next year, given that I am requested to appear again.”

As for the students, she does not think any of them were uncomfortable.

“Maybe [they were] a little on edge because they’ve never been in a scene as such or never up, close and personal with a drag queen when the spotlight is on both of them,” Porsha Daniels said.

Performance-wise, Porsha Daniels wants to improve the quality of her costumes; she also explained the challenge with being a part of a drag show.

“Individually, I am working more on having avant-garde costumes because they always catch the eye and look phenomenal in the spotlight,” Porsha Daniels said. “The hardest part to me about doing a drag show is the constant fear of a wardrobe malfunction, which has only happened once or twice.”

Porsha Daniels does believe her routine is inspirational. She encourages those who enjoy dressing in drag to take a chance and be themselves, even if they do not want to perform or have a fear of it.

“Life is all about taking chances and reaching the furthest you can possibly reach,” Daniels said. “The only thing we can take from this life when we leave is absolutely nothing. You have nothing to lose. Life has a finish line. You never know how far away it is, so live like you’re just about to cross it.”




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