Four Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time where families and friend gather to give thanks for one another. Instead of carving the turkey and passing the cranberry sauce, there are other ways to celebrate this holiday than just around the dinner table.

You and your family can binge watch Thanksgiving movies on Netflix, for one. Though most of the films on there have to do with Christmas, they are still flicks that get everyone in the holiday spirit. Or you could just watch “Gilmore Girls” or “Luke Cage.” If you do not want to stream a film on Netflix, Redbox and going to the theater are other ideas.

If you and your family are travel bugs, then try to plan early for the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. This year is their 90th celebration according to their website. If you and your family cannot attend the parade in person, snuggle up with blankets, hot chocolate and breakfast to watch it on NBC at 9 a.m.

Pinterest has plenty of Thanksgiving arts and crafts. For those who are into drawing, painting and do-it-yourself crafts, then Pinterest has a lot to choose from. You can create all kinds of Thanksgiving decorations. If you and your family plan on cooking this holiday, you can try new Thanksgiving recipes for classic dishes. Check out their sweet potato cake or their turkey, cranberry and brie crescent braid.

If your family isn not into cooking, then dining out is good, too. According to, some places in the Atlanta area that are open on Thanksgiving are Cibo E Beve, South City Kitchen Midtown, and Seasons 52.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, Nov. 24 and is the perfect day to stuff your belly and relax with the family.



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