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Audio Dose is a three piece Hard Rock band based out of Newnan consisting of singer/guitarist Anthony Merriman, bassist Kody Carman and drummer Cody Burgess. They have been playing with their current lineup for about one year now.

“I like the three piece band set up because more people equal more chaos,” said Merriman. “More members of the band lead to head butting with egos and more distractions on stage while the band is performing. It is simpler and fewer issues arise.”

Audio Dose took the stage of ‘Hell’ at Atlanta’s famous venue, The Masquerade, on North Avenue this past Saturday nightwith bands That’s What She Said and Makeshift Jukebox. They performed a few of their original songs as well as two covers entitled “Low” by Cracker and “Bound to the Floor” by Local Age.

“Last night was a good show. As always, we loved the venue, had a good crowd and all the bands that we performed with were very enjoyable.”

The genres of Audio Dose can be loosely described as hard rock, experimental, grunge, rock and roll, and alternative. The bands that recognizably influence Audio Dose are Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. In the beginning, the band was known for only performing their original songs. Since then, they have added a couple of covers to their set.

“Covers really bring people into our set, because it gets people rockin’ when they hear a familiar song,” said Merriman. “We enjoy playing some 90s one hit wonders a lot of times, because they are perfect examples of songs that people know and like but don’t always know the artist. These songs are simple and catchy. We dig that mentality in music. This feeling in music is sometimes lost these days because of the internet.”

Unlike a lot of bands in a local music scene, Audio Dose’s image on the internet is not their first concern. Talent is the main factor that they want to display. They describe themselves as being a very raw band that is not easily digested.

“We have the energy of the Doors, but the rawness of punk rock,” said Merriman.

They make the music for themselves and embrace the fans who like it, and they would rather see more people at their shows having a good time than likes on their Facebook.

“We want to earn our place in music,” said Merriman.

Audio Dose has been heard on the radio station 105.7 on a show entitled “Locals Only” with radio DJ Knox. This show can be heard every Sunday night at 8 p.m.

“We plan to send in more songs when we finish recording our new record of possibly thirteen new songs,” said Merriman.

They can be found on assorted social networks at,,, and

Audio Dose is a very active band in the local music scene. Be sure to check out their next performance at the popular BBQ Fest 2013 at the 7 Venue in Douglasville on Oct. 26. There you will see them performing with bands such as Silverstein, We Came As Romans, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.



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