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“God’s Not Dead 2” addresses religion and the American public school system

Photo Credit: Pure Flix Entertainment
Photo Credit: Pure Flix Entertainment”

“God’s Not Dead 2”, the sequel to the 2014 “God’s Not Dead”, addresses an issue highly prevalent in the American media and society: the idea of the separation of church and state. While the two films may have similar plots, they do not have the same leading cast nor do they work together as a continuation.

The film showcases a journey to save the Biblical teachings of God in any place outside of the Christian church. It also encourages believers to courageously stand up for their faith, while demonstrating God should be seen as a historical rather than spiritual figure, along with all other men and women who have changed our history indefinitely.

As opposed to most Christian films in theaters or on DVD, well-known actors, including Melissa Joan Hart and Jesse Metcalfe, play the main characters in this film.

Grace Wesley (Hart) is a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. High School. Her teaching methods and beliefs are put to the test and soon after put on trial. In a scene where a student whom Wesley is relatively close with asks a question about Jesus as a historical peacemaker, Wesley confirms the student’s inquiry with Biblical scripture about his crucifixion.

Wesley is soon after put on trial for her misguided classroom preachings that violated school policy. Sloppy lawyer Tom Endler (Metcalfe) defends her in the courtroom.

Unlike most movies, which might have shifted the plot to a romantic storyline between Endler and his client, “God’s Not Dead 2” focused on the protagonists and their personal grievances to overcome hardships with their faith. The plot line is actually believable, since similar situations have happened in classrooms across the U.S.

“God’s Not Dead 2” tackles some rather difficult topics in reference to faith and how the government is more recently infringing upon those rights. The film does a phenomenal job of making the audience more aware of the seriousness of these issues and how believers should handle them- with courage. If movie goers are looking to mix it up from the usual Friday night blood, gore, cussing and sex scenes, this film is a refreshing change with a message reminding individuals to stand behind their beliefs in a peaceful manner.





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