Photo Credit: Carrollton GreenBelt

GreenBelt nearly fully constructed

Photo Credit: Carollton GreenBelt
Photo Credit: Carrollton GreenBelt

Construction has resumed on the Carrollton GreenBelt According to Erica Studdard, representative for the GreenBelt, the newest sections will extend past UWG’s campus along Brumbelow Road before winding beside the Little Tallapoosa River.

The Greenbelt will be approximately five miles longer and connect with the section that runs through Hobbs Farm Park in north Carrollton. This project will nearly complete the GreenBelt. The undeveloped section near South Park Street will be completed by the end of 2016.

The Carrollton GreenBelt is a paved trail for walking, biking and other non-motorized vehicles. It will eventually form a loop around Carrollton, linking together city parks, residential areas, schools and commercial shopping centers. When the GreenBelt is complete, it will serve as a fresh travel alternative for UWG students and Carrollton residents.

The trail had dead-ended on the north end of campus by Lovvorn Road for over a year. It stretched across Lovvorn Road and the bridge built to cross the Little Tallapoosa River before it straightend out down Brumbelow Road towards the River’s Edge Apartment Complex.

“It will mainly be built right beside the river, but it will be close enough that it can be accessed easily from nearby residential areas,” said Studdard. “There will be lots of natural land that hasn’t been built on yet, and with the river, it’s going to be really pretty.”

Studdard expects the current extension of the belt behind River’s Edge to be finished by late April.

Two long stretches of the trail are not linked yet: the one going through UWG and Hays Mill Park and the trail on the north end of the city parks around Lake Carroll. The last link will begin in the coming weeks. It is expected to cross South Park Street near Southwire to make the GreenBelt a 16-mile loop. According to Studdard, the GreenBelt will be open in its entirety before the end of 2016, making it the longest paved loop trail system in Georgia.



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