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Gun Policy Shoots Up Controversy

Photo Credit: UWG
Photo Credit: UWG

This past summer, Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal signed into effect a new state gun law for the state of Georgia. This gun law allows individuals with a permit the right to carry a concealed weapon into local churches, bars, some public places, and into public schools. With this new gun law, individuals are more likely to carry a weapon into these places to protect them from any dangerous criminal activity. Giving students the right to carry guns onto school campuses, some students at the University of West Georgia are feeling safer and are ready to protect themselves from any potential problems. Students at the university are not willing to have a repeat of the Virginia Tech shooting, or the other gun related issues that have appeared in our local schools, causing them to be on lockdown.

The officers that are protecting and keeping the UWG campus safe believe that they have enough manpower and other security measures to ensure that all students are safe throughout the day, as well as during all school related events that happen throughout the year. Campus police ensures the public that they are around anytime they are needed. Students should feel free to call Campus Police in any event they do not feel safe.

With students having the right to carry guns on campus some students feel as if it is a dangerous idea to give students that much freedom. “Campus security during the day is really safe, but at night I do not feel as safe,” said Dipesh Patel, a sophomore at UWG. Mr. Patel states that “It is not a smart thing to allow students to carry weapons onto the campus.” With the first few weeks of classes in the books some students indeed feel as if campus police has done a good job of protecting everyone on the campus. “I never have had any security problems, and never have I felt threatened walking around campus,” Ambree Garren, a junior at UWG. On the other hand, Ambree would like to see campus police around more. “Overall I believe campus police can have a bigger presence on campus to ensure the safety of their students.” Students at the university said they would bring a weapon to protect themselves and others from incidents that might happen on campus.

With the new gun law policy in affect, students should still feel safe here at UWG. Both the West Georgia police and the local Carrollton police department are around to make sure students feel safe at any given time of the day. Students are urged to call the emergency number if they feel harmed, or threaten. UWG is taking good measures to keep all of its members feel safe and secure for everyone to have a great education experience.



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