Halloween comes to Ole McDermitt’s Farm


Though Halloween is over, you should check out the haunted corn maze at Ole McDermitt’s Farm next year. This is the fourth Halloween in a row that Ole McDermitt’s Farm opened their corn maze to the public for spooks and a haunted Halloween adventure.

First, the farm is located on a long dark dirt road on Baxter Road where you may not have any cellphone service. The only lights on the street are car lights as they trickle down the road. Upon arrival you may be greeted by a dog or several cats.

The entrance to the corn maze is through the barn. As you step closer to the maze your heart starts beating faster. At this moment you may even consider turning around, but it’s too late. There is no warning of what awaits in the corn maze aside from tall corn stalks.

While exploring the corn maze there will be screams, running and a red devil face that appears and disappears quickly. Several clowns will follow you. Scarecrows await you at almost every twist and turn. This corn maze is full of Halloween themed costumes and creatures.

These ghouls do not give you time to breath nor do they give you time to think about which way you want to run. It is as though these Halloween creatures force you to travel deeper and deeper into the maze.

You will come across more creatures as you go, and they do not make it simple to get past them. As you attempt to run past one of the creatures they stand there, frozen. Then they begin to walk toward you at full speed which in turn makes you turn around and run. While you try to escape the maze, these creatures terrorize you until you find your way back to the beginning, which also is not an easy task.

There are dead ends throughout the maze. There are various routes that can be taken within the maze, so there is a possibility that you can get lost. If you happen to get lost the owners will come out into the corn maze and help you find your way back to the beginning.

If you survive the maze at the end you will get to write your name on the survival board, which is hung inside of the barn. However, if you were lost and had help getting out of the maze then you did not survive and therefore cannot sign the board.

This family business executes the lightly haunted corn maze. They keep you engaged and terrified the entire time.

If you are looking for a great Halloween attraction for next year, Ole McDermitts Farm is the place to be. For 10 dollars you will be able to enter and re-enter the corn maze as much as you please.



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