Haunted Sites on Campus

Because West Georgia has many of them, what better way to welcome this holiday than to recall UWG’s haunted sites around campus? Many students can recall hearing about all the ghost stories during orientation their freshman year. Demetrion King, a UWG orientation leader, explained the effects that ghost stories had on freshmen students.

“The students were definitely a little frightened but more intrigued than anything,” said King.

The abandoned Watson Hall, across the street from Strozier, was once an all-girls dorm on the university’s campus. According to King, Watson bears the tale of a young girl who was pregnant during her freshman year. After she had the baby, she no longer held an interest in motherhood and threw the baby out of a window in Watson Hall. Legend has it, on late nights throughout Watson, students can hear a baby’s cry and catch a whiff of dirty diapers. Then again, that could be the Carrollton air.

Many students know Love Valley as the area where organizations host different events, such as Wolf Radio’s Wolfstock and SAC’s Screen on the Green. A river once flowed through the wide green grass and a girl’s dorm, now the Campus Center, and a guy’s dorm, now the UCC, sat across the river from each other. Since neither sex was allowed in the other’s residence, the students would meet in the middle where Love Valley is now located to kiss and converse, hence the name.

Rumor has it that one couple died in Love Valley. When the water was drained students would look for the couple, but found nothing.  King said the actual reason for the valley being drained was because the river in Love Valley was infested with snakes. The legend is the reason for the name Love Valley.

Adamson Hall is located on Front Campus drive and is the building for finance and accounting, but it was once a residence hall. Adamson Hall is said to be haunted by a UWG student. A girl was walking back from dinner with her friend and did not notice she was being followed. Her jealous boyfriend was the stalker, and he shot and killed her on the steps of Adamson Hall.

After she was killed, the boyfriend tried to burn the entire building down to destroy the evidence. Some say that a bloody handprint remained on the front of the building because it could not be removed. The round opening in the main lobby had to be reconstructed due to the fire damage.

The oldest building on campus is the Bonner House located on Front Campus. The myth is, two men were interested in the same woman and had to duel for her love. One was shot and taken into the Bonner House to die. Legend has it that every night students can hear someone walking around Bonner House.

The most well-known haunted site on campus is the story of Kathy Cashen. Cashen was a UWG student that fell from the third floor of the Humanities building and died. It was because of this incident that the stairs were taken out of the Humanities building. She now has a recital hall named in her honor. Because of the strange sounds and elevators operating on their own, it is   advised to never go in Humanities after dark.



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