Higher One ATMs being removed from campus beginning May 4

Higher One has partnered with Bank Mobile to provide fee-free access to funds. Students will now be able to access their funds through Allpoint ATMs instead of the current Higher One ATMs on campus, however, there will be no ATM access on campus starting May 4. The closest Allpoint ATMs to UWG are at the Kangaroo gas station across campus and the CVS along the Greenbelt..

“The Department of Education has come out with some new regulations to benefit students, and Higher One is responding to those changes,” said Elizabeth Smith, Associate Director of Auxiliary Services.

The Allpoint network has around 43,000 ATMs in the United States and a total of 55,000 around the world. This partnership with Bank Mobile will provide students expanded access to their funds through any Allpoint ATM available across U.S. and the world. In addition, students will have the ability to withdraw cash from any banks in the U.S. for which Higher One will not charge any fee.

“They are not going to add ATMs back to our campus, but instead of having two ATMs on campus, students will now be able to access any of the six or seven Allpoint ATMs in Carrollton fee-free and any of the 43,000 ATMS in the U.S. fee-free.

“We do not have a solution for students on campus currently,” coninued Smith. “This is fairly new information to us, and we do not have a good understanding of the negative impact on students of not having ATMs right next to their class building on campus.”

Smith said the university will look into the possibilities of having an Allpoint ATM on campus in the near future. However, with ATMs already existing close to campus, this may not come to fruition.

The new partnership with Bank Mobile will either eliminate or decrease existing fees for different services. The card replacement fee is reduced by half, and the overdraft fee is removed entirely. Also, the process of opening a Bank Mobile account for incoming students is much simpler than the previous system.

“Overall, the changes are very positive and student-focused,” explained Smith. “The only negative is that we do not have an Allpoint ATM physically on campus.”

This will not affect the students who have funds directly deposited into their personal bank account.

According to Smith, these changes will be beneficial to students, who will now have broader access to their funds and little to no service fees. The current challenge is to get the information out to all students before the end of the semester.

“The students are encouraged to contact us for any questions or concerns,” said Smith. “If we don’t have answers, we will contact Higher One for them.”



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  1. As an update to the above article – Since the time of this interview we have been communicating with HigherOne and they have committed to keeping at least one fee-free ATM on campus for student use. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes please do contact our office at 678-839-6525.

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