Homecoming Floats Preview

It’s that time of the year, and once again preparations are starting all over the University of West Georgia for the Homecoming celebrations, starting the week beginning Oct. 1.

One of the most talked about events of this annual party is the Homecoming parade, which this year will once again feature floats of student organizations on campus.

Details of what each organization has planned for the floats are being kept top secret. Several members of the International Students club still have not been told and members of Sigma Kappa have been told to not discuss it with anyone else, especially journalists. The most information they would give was that “Sigma Kappa is very excited to be participating in Homecoming and honored to have our representative on this year’s Homecoming Court.”

West Georgia’s events this year include a sidewalk chalk contest on Thursday outside the University Community Center and “Wear Red, Get Fed” on the Campus Center Patio on Wednesday. There’s a Pep Rally on Friday, which features the infamous “Yell Like Hell” contest. The Homecoming parade and game are both on Saturday.

The design for Sigma Kappa’s float builds on this year’s theme of “Those Were The Days.” The design will feature significant, historical moments from the University’s past. This is similar to the international students, who will have a banner featuring significant historical figures from US History.

The international logo is very striking. It is designed with an element of Passport and Border Security in mind. Maria Botero, who was instrumental in designing the logo this year, said that “we are citizens of the world…we’ve all come to the US, we should make it look as though our passports have been stamped, as they all have been.”

The parade will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday whilst the game begins at 2 p.m., with the King and Queen being announced as part of the half-time show. The NPHC Step Show at the Coliseum at 7 p.m. will complete the week’s festivities.



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