How the Libertarian Party Could Change America

Like most Americans, I find the standard dog-and-pony show of modern politics to be both dizzying and disheartening. How can a system founded on freedom force gridlock onto its citizens? The government shut down occurred Oct. 1 and no legislation made any headway until Oct. 16 when President Obama signed a bill to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling. This bill will only be effective through Feb. 7, 2014, and then what? Many economists fear a similar impasse will be on the brink.

“This Congress knew that we were going to hit our debt ceiling but continued to spend,” said Sharon Hansen, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois. “It must stop. Our leaders should step away from the ceiling and bring our affairs into balance.”

Examine the constraints imposed by the government shutdown. Tad DeHaven, a constitutional analyst, argues that the shutdown was only a “so-called” government shutdown because most federal activities continued and most federal employees continued to work. If you had plans to visit Yellowstone National Park, you were out of luck until the government reopened.

However, the NSA will continue to track our private conversations, the military will continue to expend blood and treasure protecting the interests of wealthy allies, and the federal entitlement system, the source of our future fiscal imbalances will continue to pump out checks. This statement has proven to be generally factual as the vast majority of us were left almost entirely unaffected by the shutdown. The Democratic and Republican parties seem to be dancing around the real problem: too much government.

Thanks to bills like the USA PATRIOT Act, The National Security Agency (NSA) and law enforcement at varying levels are permitted to monitor private information regarding phone records, e-mails, financial statements, and much more without requiring the consent of an individual. I am sure that I am not the first to make the connection to George Orwell’s popular novel 1984 and the connotations of “Big Brother” keeping us under complete surveillance by authorities to protect their own agendas.

So with the Republicans and Democrats mutually contributing to this impasse, and perpetuating arguments swirling around the laws implementing Obamacare, is there a viable option out there to help the continuance for the United States and its former glory?

Consider the Libertarian option of reducing the size and intrusive nature of the government. The Libertarian Party represents true free enterprise by allowing American citizens to offer their goods and services to each other without government interference. The party also advocates freedom to life, liberty and property in the form of individuals being able to decide for themselves what to eat, drink, smoke, and who to love without fearing criminal penalties. They live by the motto “minimum government, maximum freedom,” a concept that I think is seriously lacking within the current system.
Because the United States was founded on the idea that citizens were to be free of tyrannical government it is fundamentally necessary to examine the current state of government affairs in order to regain freedom and independence within our personal lives. The government should no longer get to decide what is best for you; rather you should be given the option to choose for yourself. Libertarians work for everyday taxpayers, not special interest group, thus ensuring the continued livelihood of the majority of Americans. They believe that by shrinking government, individuals and communities can thrive through free markets, protected personal liberties, promoting economic prosperity and opportunity.

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