How to Stay Safe at College Parties

Parties can be one of the best parts of a college experience. It is a chance for students to meet new people and to make new friends. It should be made aware, however, that parties can end horribly for students that are not careful. It’s not unusual to hear about students who go out partying and do not come back. Avoid any trouble by following these simple tips:

  • Plan out the night with friends before going to any parties. This can be very important. Planning ahead can save students from a lot of confusion. Decide who is going to stay sober for the night. It is obvious that there should be a designated driver, but having a designated buddy on foot can also be important when students choose to walk to parties. Do not ever get in the car with someone who has been drinking.
  • Use the buddy system. Do not go to parties alone. Take a friend or go with a group of friends and check up on each other throughout the night. Go with your instinct. If you feel like a friend might be in trouble, help them out. Do not ever leave without telling a friend where you are going, and with whom.
  • Use common sense. Do not pick up drinks that have been left unattended, and be careful about mixing drinks. Pace yourself. Do not try too much in a short amount of time. Avoid accepting drinks from someone you don’t know, and most importantly, remember that you do not always need a drink to have fun!



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