Hump Day is the New Theme for Spring Fling This Year

Hump Day Spring Fling Poster

On Wednesday, April 16 the Center of Student Involvement will be hosting the annual Spring Fling in the University of West Georgia’s Love Valley from 5pm to 9pm. Emily Teitelbaum, the Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Programs is responsible for planning the attractions that will be at the event. Teitelbaum advises the Student Activities Council, supervises Weekend West Georgia, and   is in charge of the Weekend West Grant.

“Love Valley will be packed with lots of games and bands,” said Teitelbaum. “Spring Fling is right around finals time. It’s a great way to de-stress and have fun time and end the semester on a good note,” continued Teitelbaum.

Once the event has been decided and the date is planned, Teitelbaum contacts a series of companies that can provide food, entertainment or both.

“I’m in charge of getting everything booked for the event,” said Teitelbaum. “Once the students pick what they want, then they send that to me and then I work with the companies.”

The theme this year is “Hump Day” since the event falls on a Wednesday in the middle of the week.

There are two co-directors of the University Traditions Committee and  they plan events such as Welcome Back Week, Homecoming and Spring Fling,” said Teitelbaum.  “They get ideas from students on events and themes which will then be approved or disapproved by the SAC Executive Board,” continued Teitelbaum. If majority of the 11 board members accept the theme or idea they go forward with the event.

Ozier is the company Teitelbaum worked with in order to get the t-shirts for Spring Fling. They also bid the highest than any other company involved with UWG. However, in order to work with Ozier Teitlebaum must get SAC’s purchasing office must approve by signing an official contract to work with them.

“I’m in charge of getting contracts signed,” said Teitelbaum. “Then I work with the companies to mark the price down and get our purchasing office to sign off on the contract. Usually I tell them my budget and how many shirts we are looking at to purchase. Then from there we design it,” continued Teitelbaum.

“I was approached by members of the Student Activities Council about an awesome hump day Spring Fling design they wanted to bring to life on a t-shirt, and I wanted to help out,” said Jonna Greer, a graduate student at UWG. Greer designed the poster and t-shirt for Spring Fling. “I love any opportunity to design and put my creativity to good use for the students,” continued Greer.

There will also be some changes to the concession stand and the food that will be served. “This year we are going to try to do barbecue and some kind of dessert as well,” said Teitelbaum

There will be attractions such as extreme jumping, mechanical bull, photo booth, corn hole, live music, DJs and Monster Energy Drinks will be handing out refreshments. Laser Tag is also a new edition to Spring Fling’s attractions. “You get a vest and gun and go inside the inflatable. It will be dark inside the laser tag and up to ten people at a time can play. It’s really fun!” said Teitelbaum.

Wolf Radio, which is UWG’s radio station, will be the DJ for this event until Wolfstock begins. Wolfstock will follow Spring Fling at 7pm and will have a plethora of local bands and DJs performing for students in Love Valley.

Normally, on-campus events attract undergraduate students who live on campus; however, Teitelbaum said the Center for Student Involvement has found strategies to get commuter students to attend Spring Fling.

“We put posters everywhere on campus. We also have a texting service so we can remind you about events coming up if they opt in,” said Teitelbaum. “We also have ads on digital boards in the library and other places on campus.  Even if they live off campus they can get the marketing and advertising aspects in the buildings around campus.”



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