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Ichabod, The Sandman and a Naked Benjamin Franklin

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Warning: This article may contain spoiler alerts!

FOX’s creepy and humorous show, Sleepy Hollow, stars Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) and Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills) whose characters are the two witnesses of the apocalypse. Crane, a former spy for General George Washington, wakes up 250 years later in the 21st century. He meets Lieutenant Mills, and with help, they work together to try to stop the Headless Horseman, and now the Horseman of War, from trying to destroy the world.

With one season already under its belt and a second one underway, it is no surprise that “Sleepyheads” cannot get enough of this series. If you are thinking about watching an episode, you should, and I will give you six reasons to do so.

Whether some Sleepyheads want them together or not, Abbie and Ichabod’s relationship is what you will love to watch the most. Even though Ichabod is married to a witch named Katrina (Katia Winter), these two make quite the pair and have funny moments together. In episode 8 of season 1 “Necromancer”, Abbie and Ichabod finally captured the Headless Horseman. To quickly celebrate, Abbie taught Ichabod the fist bump; he had no clue what it was and it was funny watching him try to do it. Needless to say, they really balance each other out. They teach each other different things from the past and present to get rid of monsters and make the town of Sleepy Hollow a monster-free place.

Another reason to watch is for the monsters. The Sandman, Ancitif and a killer tree monster are just some of the demons in the show that keep everyone awake at night. These creatures are so imaginative that it is hard to forget them—at least one will stick with you. The Sandman, in season 1, still bothers me to this day. He gets you when you fall asleep and forces you to face the wrongdoings of your past. If you do not come clean, you die. Who better to help you sleep at night than the Sandman? So, if you enjoy sinister creatures or need some costume ideas, check out some episodes.

            The diversity of this cast is also why you should take a peek. The actors/characters are not just black or white. Characters like Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones), Andy Brooks (John Cho) and the new addition to the series, Sheriff Reyes (Sakina Jaffrey) are, respectively, black, Asian-American and Indian-American, which is so refreshing to see. Hopefully, you will love it, too.

            History is not exactly history in this show. Whatever you thought you knew about Sleepy Hollow and the people in it has been flipped upside down. The American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party and even Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride are not what you thought they were. It makes you think about history in a new light, especially if you see a naked Benjamin Franklin. If these examples make you wonder what other historical events have been tweaked, then an episode awaits you.

            You know you should watch the show when you discover that the Horseman of War is your son and the Headless Horseman (Horseman of Death) is your ex-best friend. That is right. Ichabod’s son, Henry Parish/Jeremy Crane (John Noble), and his former best friend Abraham Van Brunt (Neil Jackson) are set on revenge. If you look forward to the unexpected, then Sleepy Hollow is the perfect fit for you.

Mostly everyone has a sister; I have a sister. But I do not have a sister who has been in and out of mental institutions. Even though that is something Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) experienced most of her life, she eventually reconnects with her sister, Abbie, after years of not speaking to her. Although they have had a rocky relationship, they become closer throughout the first season. Overall, Jenny and Abbie make me think of family and if you are the family-oriented type, then start watching.

To catch Sleepy Hollow, tune in to FOX every Monday at 9p.m.



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