Inside West Georgia Cribs

West Georgia’s newest form of entertainment has taken root on the web. “West Georgia Cribs” gives you an inside look on how other students are living. Whether it is in an apartment off campus or a dorm room, “West Georgia Cribs” looks to highlight the student lifestyle inside the home of the student.

“West Georgia Cribs” is an ambitious idea that is currently on YouTube. The videos follow the same format as their MTV counterpart. A camera shows the students living area, closet, contents of their refrigerator and their car if they have one. There are currently only three total episodes available on YouTube but more are on the way soon. In the future the show hopes to cover fraternity houses, dorm rooms and other student homes.

The person on the other side of the camera of “West Georgia Cribs” is Jeral Clyde. Clyde, a junior at the University of West Georgia, has a strong passion for video production. “It’s what I love to do. I love to see a vision and create it,” said Clyde. The idea for “West Georgia Cribs” came from a day of watching television. Clyde does everything for the videos that are currently on his YouTube channel. He does the shooting, editing and also finds willing students to be on the show. “I don’t have a large team with me so I have to take that responsibility and make it happen on my own,” said Clyde. He is essentially a one-man business and calls his own shots.

Clyde is currently in the process of starting and promoting his own production brand; 3umph (pronounced triumph) Productions. “I do it all. I do music videos, pictures, promotional videos and flyers. If you need it, I got it,” said Clyde.

Clyde promotes his videos by word of mouth and through his Facebook and Twitter pages. “I try to get my videos out there any way I can. I don’t have a large budget so I use what’s available to me,” he said. Clyde has also produced music videos for local artists in Atlanta, as well as other videos ranging from inspirational to comedy.

The next step for “West Georgia Cribs” is to potentially be featured on the campus television station UTV-13. “I’ve talked to them about it but you’ll have to wait and see for now,” said Clyde. Don’t be surprised if you get a sudden knock on the door because it could be your turn to show your crib. Until then you can find “West Georgia Cribs” and other work by Clyde on his YouTube channel:



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