Photo Credit: Bill Grissett

International Students Rafting Trip

Photo Credit: Bill Grissett
Photo Credit: Bill Grissett

The University of West Georgia has grown over the years and is quickly becoming a place for all students to receive a diploma and start their dreams. UWG currently has enrolled 12,000 students into its graduate and undergraduate programs. The diversity of the school is a highlight for students and professors. Among the students that are accepted at UWG, there are a high number of international students that attend the university.

“This year alone the university has 170 international students in the program,” said Kristen Etheredge, assistant director of International Services and Programs. “The International Office here at the university assists internationals to get acclimated with the university and encourage domestic students to study abroad.”

On campus, the Baptist Collegiate Ministries hosted a rafting event for 16 international students this past Saturday in Columbus, Ga.

“This event is hosted by the Georgia Baptist Convention to have all international students from every public university in Georgia to attend a weekend of fun,” said Bill Grissett, campus minister of BCM at UWG. “We want to serve them and help them be as involved in the campus as any other student.”

There were overall 200 students from Georgia’s BCM that came to this event.

“We are excited to see more international students come to the other events that are put on by the GBC and the BCM at UWG,” said Grissett.

“The students that attended the trip were really excited to raft and have free time to share a few things about their culture and where they were from,” said Laura Hamilton, intern for BCM. “We hope to build a better relationship with international students and get them acquainted with the university.”

BCM and UWG are trying to promote more activities for international students to participate in.

“I have a strong passion for working with international students. It amazes me that they come from all over the world to Carrollton, Ga. to step out of their comfort zone, their language and their culture to come here to study,” Etheredge said. “I want them to succeed both academically and get acclimated to the UWG culture.”

Both international and domestic students are welcomed and prized at UWG where they are challenged to be the best that they can be in any situation.



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