Kappa Delta Enters to Win House Makeover

Kappa Delta Sorority at the University of West Georgia entered to win a $10,000 house makeover through an online sponsor.

Rent The Runway (RTR), a company built on empowering women, sponsored the competition along with L’Oreal Cosmetics and C. Wonder Retail Company, which would grant one sorority in the nation to win a house makeover. Along with the $10,000 makeover, the winners would also receive dresses, accessories and beauty products for all members.

“I heard about this opportunity through an e-mail,” said Jenessa Ruhlin, the Kappa Delta member who organized the chapter’s submission. “I have a friend who is a campus rep at GCSU and I went to check it out and signed up for the site. I got an e-mail about the contest and thought it would be worth a shot.”

Sororities entered their video on the RTR Facebook page, demonstrating that the sorority had the same core values as RTR, which are promoting confidence and leadership.

“We were chosen out of over 100 entries to be in the top 10,” said Ruhlin.

The video submitted by Kappa Delta illustrated the chapter’s charisma. The organization’s philanthropy, which works with Girl Scouts of America, promotes confidence in young women, which keeps with the RTR values. The sorority’s video included footage of them being hands on with their Girl Scout group.

The chapter tried to rally up votes from friends and family, as well as peers on campus through advertising on The WOLF Internet Radio.

“Then it was up to a vote. We had a week to try and get the most votes on our video to win. We were in third for most of the week and then got passed, and I am pretty sure ended up in fourth,” said Ruhlin.  “In the end we fell short.”

Ruhlin and her sisters were not sure what was going to happen if they actually won.

“I do know C. Wonder would have came and completely made over the house and would have had it represent Kappa Delta and everything we stand for,” said Ruhlin. ”I think we probably would have just let them take the reins on this.”

“Even though we didn’t win, I am still really proud of my sisters for trying to rally up votes and being the people they are,” said Ruhlin.

Even with the loss, the sorority still has renovations in mind.

“Maybe some fresh paint and some new decorations,” said Ruhlin.

The winner was announced on Nov. 4, and the prize was awarded to the Chi Omega Sorority at Kent State University.



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