Looking Toward the Western Horizon

Ten years ago, the campus upon which we walk was vastly different than the bustling university we know it as today.  It was officially known as ‘The State University of West Georgia.’  We called ourselves the ‘Braves.’  Our football team had no place to call home.  We faced our visiting opponents at Carrollton High School’s Grisham Stadium.  There was no Starbucks, no UREC center and parking was still a nightmare.

Under the leadership of Dr. Beheruz Sethna, UWG progressed from a small college with a smaller reputation to a destination of higher learning for students all over the world.  In August, UWG’s official classification changed from a State University to a Comprehensive University.  Last year, UWG was named as one of the top universities in the southeast.  During Dr. Sethna’s time as president, UWG has experienced growth and expansion in many different facets.

Students will miss Dr. Sethna’s warm, humble nature.  He could often be found riding the buses around campus, or working out alongside students in the UREC center.  His compassion matched his outspoken dedication to UWG.

Students and faculty are now witnessing the more growth at UWG than ever before.  New buildings are being erected all over campus.  The old buildings are being remodeled to accommodate the needs of students.  UWG is now home to one of the most impressive football stadiums in Division II.  Students are coming together under the identity of the ‘Wolves’ and are embracing the howl of determination.

UWG now welcomes a new president, Dr. Kyle Marrero.  Dr. Marrero is the seventh president of UWG.  Many people now ask what Dr. Marrero will bring to UWG and what changes can we expect.  UWG experienced a record amount of 12,000 students enrolled for the 2013-2014 school year.  As we welcome Dr. Marrero, I wonder what he sees on the western horizon for UWG?




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