Photo Credit: Mayra Martinez

McCalman Executive Roundtable

Photo Credit: Mayra Martinez
Photo Credit: Mayra Martinez

The twice-a-year McCalman Executive Roundtable dinner took place in Salon B of the Sunset Hills Country Club at 6 p.m. on Sept. 24. This year’s speaker was Mark C. Callaway, senior vice president and financial advisor of Morgan Stanley. Faculty of UWG and Miller Hall presented this event.

The Roundtable is an invite-only event and a select few students, who are interested in leadership, are invited. These students are UWG business majors. Six roundtables were set up for distinguished guests, faculty and students and they engaged in conversation during dinner; Dr. Kyle Marrero was among one of them.

After dinner, Callaway began his speech. He discussed topics about women in the workforce, the millennia’s and environmental friendly businesses.

“Women are the bread winners in American households,” he said.

He predicts that women will be controlling more businesses in the future. He compared the millennia’s versus the baby boomers.

“There is a different way they interact with older members of management. They have a much more relaxed nature.”

The main purpose for the event was to let students engage in conversation with leaders to help them think as business leaders. After his speech, Callaway asked the roundtables a thought-provoking question.

“What in Carrollton, Ga.? What business would you start? Where do you see the need to provide food, housing, transportation when you’re driving down the road? Address the need in a sustainable way.”

The roundtables were given 20 minutes to discuss and exchange ideas to come up with a solution for the question.

Each table was labeled with a letter. Only the students were allowed to stand up and answer Callaway’s question.

Table O’s idea was to provide “Greenbelt Bikes” to add more transportation methods in Carrollton and UWG. Students would have the ability to rent bikes as needed. To implement this plan, they would increase prices of parking ticket fees.

Table V had the idea to start an item exchange business. Items that are left-behind at dorms or unwanted items could be donated or sold to this business. Profits made could be directed towards scholarships for students in the beginning of each fall semester.

Table E shared their concern about Carrollton not having a formal recycling system. They would start a recycling business to get people to recycle more often, and in turn, there would be a profit from it.

Table S had an idea for a gardening business because Carrollton does not have many farmers markets. This business would come plant a garden in your yard for a fee.

Table W shared their business idea, concerning retired UWG faculty. Their idea was to build a retirement home on campus to give the retirees an opportunity to stay in higher education.

The McCalman Roundtable event is held once every semester.



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