Meet Christina Funk, Creator of Students4Students

Funk (Left) & Rose (Right)

Christina Funk, a junior at UWG, established Students4Students, an organization benefiting incoming freshmen and returning students in their academics, student involvement and social life. Funk created Students4Students in August and has over 50  members. Students4Students consists of mentors known as Wolves and mentees known as Pups.

Funk, a business major, describes herself as an introvert and was nervous about the transition to college. Instead of enjoying her weekends with new friends she spent them at home. Eventually, Funk associated with an upperclassman who answered her questions and invited her to social outings.  He also told her about the resources in Career Services. Soon enough, she made new friends and began her memorable college journey.

Because of the upperclassman who helped her during her freshman year, Funk wanted to create an organization to assist other incoming freshmen. She asked people she knew if they would join as mentors, and they agreed. During Lead Day, a guest speaker also recognized Christina and talked about her organization. From then on, her membership grew. Pack Leaders signed up as mentors while students joined at the Organization Fair earlier this semester.

Instead of using social media, Funk posted flyers in the Campus Center and the library to inform people about Students4Students. “It takes a lot of advertising and putting yourself out there because people will overlook you if you don’t,” she said.

Currently, Students4Students consists of biology, psychology, business and pre-nursing majors.  The majority of students in it are pre-nursing majors. Mentors must have attended UWG for at least one year and obtained a 2.7 GPA or higher. Most mentees are freshmen who would like guidance during their first year of college. In the future, Funk would like for Students4Students to be actively involved with other organizations, for every mentee to have a mentor and for her membership to double by the semester’s end. As the membership increases, she hopes to divide students with different majors into groups known as packs.  

Though she has goals for her organization, Funk also had doubts. “I was afraid that people wouldn’t be interested and that it would be unbalanced because you need as much mentors as you need pups,” she said.

On the contrary, members thank her for Students4Students. Mentors are developing leadership skills, and the mentees have a better adjustment going into college.



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