Meet the Honors Council

Honors CouncilThe University of West Georgia (UWG) was the first school to have an Honors College in the state of Georgia, according to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The UWG Honors College helps students excel by offering honors courses, support for undergraduate research and extending many different opportunities for community service.

The Honors College also has an Honors Council, which is made up of a group of students who plan and execute activities and projects of interest to the Honors Program. The Council focuses on recruiting new Honors students, making recommendations about the operation of the Honors Program and promoting awareness of service-oriented volunteer events and programs while enriching the Honors program for all Honors students.

“The Honors Council is a team,” said Amelia Bagwell, President of the Honors Council. “We work together to promote the Honors program, encourage new students to join and assist Honors students to strengthen academic prowess and graduate with an Honors diploma. We come up with volunteer activities, social events, leadership skills and serve the UWG mission at large.”

There are five members of the Honors Council: Amelia Bagwell, President; Marshala Cofer, Vice President for Public Relations; Alexandra Sasha Gunter, Vice President for Community Services; Anna Hansen, Secretary; and Christine Perez, Advanced Academy Representative. Stacey Rowland, manager of Undergraduate research for the Honors College, is the faculty advisor for the Honors Council.

“Working with the Honors College as we strive to benefit the community is both an inspiring and humbling experience,” said Hansen. “The dedication and creativity of all those involved continues to amaze me daily, and I am excited to witness the continuous growth of the Honors College as a result.”

The Honors Council organizes events for the Honors students. These events are often community service events, but they also organize social events to promote interaction between Honors students. This past month the Honors Council held an Ice Cream Social as a meet-and-greet for all of the Honors College students and faculty.

“Being a part of the Honors Council is like being part of a family,” Gunter said. “Our family supports, encourages and inspires each other to help the Honors College students reach their academic and charitable goals.”

The Honors Council meets once a week to plan events for the following months. Each event takes time and collaboration efforts with other organizations on campus.

“As president,” Bagwell said, “my job is made so much easier because of tremendous talent and energy of fellow officers and the direction of Stacey Rowland, our director. My main roll is that of servant-leader, making sure all the correct forms are completed for activities, coming up with ideas and working with the Center for Student Involvement directly.

“I encourage all students to become involved with the Honors College,” Bagwell continued. “I like to think it is not harder work, it is better work. Honors classes allow for personal and professional growth, and bring the joy to the learning process. For future college and career goals, the Honors experience is unparalleled as a tool for success. The Honors Council and the Honors College help shape the student into scholar.”



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