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The NBA season is just underway for 2014. There are many teams that are in contention to be in the playoff race once the season starts to wrap up. Out of those teams, those who will be there for postseason and those who will not will be a surprise.

Atlanta Hawks fans should feel comfortable with how the team is playing so far this season. The Atlanta Hawks will continue to push towards being the best team in the Southeastern division and in the Eastern Conference Standings.

The Atlanta Hawks are 7-6 after falling to the Toronto Raptors this past Wed., Nov. 26. Before that loss, the team had a winning streak of three games. They beat the Washington Wizards, a team in their division, and the Detroit Pistons. Both wins followed after a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Hawks are in an interesting spot in the standings. They are the number five seed in the Eastern Conference standings and the second seed in the Southeastern division, only behind the Washington Wizards. The Hawks owned the teams when they come visit the Philips Arena. They are 5-2 at home so far this season. The Hawks have always been a dominant team at home based on the stats that the players put up when they play at the Philips Arena. The Hawks have been to the playoffs over the past five years. They have never won the NBA championship though since 1958. If the Hawks continue to win against their opponents in the division and outside, they will be the number one seed in the division and be one of the top four teams in the conference.

The Hawks are among 16 teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences that are in position to be playoff contenders if the season ended this moment. Among the Hawks, teams in the eastern conference playoff contention are: Toronto, Washington, Chicago, Milwaukee, Miami, Cleveland and Brooklyn. The Hawks will need to continue to win against the big teams in their division and in their conference to ensure a playoff spot and to possibly make some noise against the big teams in the NBA. In order for the Hawks’ success in future games, they must continue to play their style of offense and to play better defense.



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