Never Fear, Career Services Are Here

The University of West Georgia’s department of Career Services hosted an open house on Sept. 5 in Parker Hall, passing out popcorn, popsicles, sodas and t-shirts to the first 200 students to arrive. Though free t-shirts are usually enough incentive to draw students out to any event, the real star of the show was Vicki Hardin.

Hardin and her hardworking team of professionals let students know about what Career Services can do for UWG students.

“We are here to teach you how to get a good job,” said Hardin. “We are going to connect you with employers.”

Located on the third floor of Parker Hall, the Career Services team is there solely to help UWG students and alumni gain access to work opportunities through career coaching, student work, professional practice programs and post-graduation employment. Each division of service exists to help cater to the specific needs of individual UWG students.

“We are pretty good at our jobs,” said Brenda Respress, the Program Specialist for Career Services. “We have almost a 95 percent success rate.”

Wondering how to pay your tuition? Then student employment may be the right option. Career Services establishes employment opportunities with local businesses as well as on campus work that provides students with valuable work experience and an opportunity to help finance their education.

Got tuition covered, but still looking to get involved? If so, the volunteer services, an extension of Career Services may be able to help. Career Services welcomes the opportunity to connect UWG students with local organizations in the field of volunteer work. There is a Community Involvement Fair hosted in the TLC on Sept. 11.

“We will have over thirty organizations here looking for volunteers,” said Hardin in regard to the fair.

Soon to be graduating, or just looking to get ahead in your upcoming career? The professional practice programs through Career Services are designed to expand your resume by connecting you with helpful contacts, as well as internship programs.

Feeling a little unprepared for an interview? No problem. Career Services offers a variety of resources to prepare students to impress potential employers. The Resume Doctor is available every Monday between 2 and 4 p.m to provide a quick check-up on your resume with no need for an appointment.

“Just bring a printed out copy or a jump drive with your resume on it,” advised Hardin. Interview coaching is available to help students put their best foot out into the professional world.

“We even have a closet with suits for students to borrow in case someone is not prepared for an interview,” said Hardin.

The best part of all the perks Career Services offers for students? They are all free of charge, eliminating any excuse for why you should not drop in and visit Career Services today.



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