New Student Tailgate Becoming Tradition at UWG

The University of West Georgia is in the midst of a historic football season as they have won six of their eight games in 2014. For UWG students, the football team has been a source of excitement and inspiration. To add to the hype, UWG now sponsors “The Hill,” a tailgate especially for students to enjoy.

The tailgate begins at 11:30 a.m. before each home football game under a large tent on the southeast corner overlooking the stadium. The event takes place immediately following another growing UWG tradition, the Wolf Walk.

Students can find plenty of attractions at The Hill. The tailgate offers students an authentic tailgate party experience, including games being broadcast on big-screen televisions, live music and food.

“We’ve added to the student game day experience with the Wolf Walk and The Hill. It is something we do for students to come together and have fun supporting their Wolves before each game,” said Eddie Duffey, Senior Associate Athletics Director.

Since it began, the tailgate has had good responses from the UWG student body. Crowds attending the event have been as large as 300 students. Students are able to keep up with other teams during the party thanks to televisions under the tent that broadcast nationally televised games.

“There’s so much for fans to enjoy at The Hill,” said Duffey. “They can watch other games and while they are cheering on the Wolves and it’s an easy walk into the stadium.”

Free food and drinks at the tailgate are provided by Max & Henry’s. Student organizations are encouraged to bring their own tents and set up next the main tent on game day. Alcohol is permitted at the tailgate as long as students abide by UWG policies regarding the consumption of such beverages at the stadium.

“We hope this becomes a tradition at UWG and that it gives our students something to be proud of,” said Duffey.

Students should be proud of their football team, as they are undefeated at home so far. The Wolves look to remain unbeaten in their remaining games. Duffey has been pleased with The Hill’s turnout this season and wants to see the numbers of students in attendance at football games grow.

“Hopefully this will bring out some of the students that wouldn’t normally come to a game,” said Duffey. “It’s quite an experience.”



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