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Photo Credit: UWG UCM
Photo Credit: UWG UCM

Through three weeks of the regular season the West Georgia Wolves remain undefeated. Not much different from the previous year when the team started 3-0, but this season is different. University Stadium is more crowded than ever before, the team is acknowledged as a Division II National Championship contender and the Wolves are on pace to be the most prolific team in school history.

Prolific you ask? And what exactly makes the Wolves prolific at all? The Wolves’ latest outing was a dominating 57-27 victory over the Fayetteville State University Broncos. The Wolves’ defense not only held the Broncos to a measly 1.5 yards per rush, but also broke the University Stadium record of most points scored in the process. The previous record was a 55-point-game against Mississippi College, week nine of 2014.

There are a few habits the Wolves have adopted that have added to their potential of success and prolific pace; their match-up against the Broncos was a prime example. In that game the Wolves maintained what is the most efficient passing attack in their conference with a 74.4 percent completion percentage thanks to the doing of their seasoned quarterback, Dallas Dickey.

Alongside passing, the Wolves also continue to lead the conference on the ground in rushing yards amassing 303 yards on the ground, bringing their season total to 707 yards. And on these rushing plays, the Wolves earn 4.8 yards per carry on the season, against the Broncos they were allowed to rush for 5.3 yards per carry.

Heading into their match-up against the Broncos the Wolves had scored only nine touchdowns. The Wolves earned eight scores—in an incredibly balanced effort, four rushing and four passing—to add to the total.

The player behind almost half of these scores is none other than the offensive leader, Dallas Dickey. The Carrollton native has scored the most touchdowns on the team this season racking up eight of those trips to the end zone, seven passing and one rushing. Dickey has looked extremely composed, confident, effective and efficient all while in the process of leading this offense into prolific territory. His 73.3 percent completion percentage is highest in the conference and his 13.5 yards per play easily make him a legitimate offensive threat, and one of the most important.

Since opening weekend, the Wolves have shown the potential to put numbers on the board and every week since has been a lopped-sided affair. From their 33-7 win over the Miles College Golden Bears to their 44-13 beat down on the Catawba College Indians, both score and statistics one sided.

Through three weeks of the regular season the West Georgia Wolves have managed to score 134 points. That equals 44.7 points per game, and on pace for nearly 500 points scored. It would be lovely if the Wolves lived up to that potential, but they don’t have to. What the Wolves must do is continue to get better and through the first three weeks of this season the Wolves have done nothing else besides just that, get better.



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