Ole McDermitt Had a Spooky Farm

You can be pleased to know that the children of the corn aren’t congregating in the corn fields in Ole McDermitt’s farm at 102 Baxter Rd. This year, the traditional corn maze that greets families and children with fun hayrides and a joyous corn maze race during the day has transformed into an eerie feat.

To bring in the freaky holiday and a cool addition in the community, the corn maze has been advertised as the Night Corn Maze that features glow sticks and flashlights.

The mysterious maze scared the daylights out of the living on Oct. 28 and 29, and of course, on will continue to on Halloween from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Appropriately abiding by Halloween’s scary traditions, daunting “special guests” will hide within the maze itself as you careen through the stalks.

The farm is only 10 minutes away from UWG, so making it before sundown for any Halloween festivities is feasible. Admission is $10. If you later bail and decide to skip the freaky maze, your admission price lets you enjoy the other farm activities as well.

“The fact that it’s on an actual farm would make it more authentic, so people will enjoy it,” said Lewis Fields, a senior at UWG.  

Aside from Hallow’s Eve, the farm has a ton of family friendly games and events that everyone can enjoy for the autumn season. Children can pet animals and toddlers and babies can milk wooden cows.

Older kids, families and even couples can slide down the 75-foot slide and enjoy the corn stalk tunnel.  

The hours for these activities differ from day to day. However, planning your visit for a weekend afternoon is ideal.

Along with the excitement of presenting the Night Maze, some worry has fallen on McDermitt.

“We are actually thinking we may need to cancel this year. The dry conditions caused the corn to be shorter and brittle,” Kayla McDermitt, farm owner, said with concern. “The high winds on Friday and Saturday made it shorter.”

In hoping to serve their community for another fall season, the McDermitts are on a close weather alert and keeping a good eye on their corn stalks. They have been open for about seven years now, and the daytime maze has been a huge success.

“We are making a final decision in the next day or so,” McDermitt said, in high hopes.



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