Photo Credit: Cassidy Chreene

Chow down in C-Town: Palladino’s

Photo Credit: Cassidy Chreene
Photo Credit: Cassidy Chreene

The Carrollton Menu got its latest addition in December of last year with Palladino’s Wood Fired Artisan Pizza. Palladino’s offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, with a bar and most of the walls constructed from large stones and wooden table tops that were made locally in Carrollton. A large window opens the kitchen to the rest of the restaurant, allowing patrons to watch the chefs craft their meals. Unlike chains like Olive Garden, Palladino’s offers authentic Italian cuisine, focusing primarily on their handcrafted pizzas.

Classics like margarita pizza are offered, along with more speciality pizzas such as the Pizza San Gennaro, which is made with mozzarella, La San Marzano tomatoes, ricotta, Italian sausage, bell peppers, garlic and the in-house spicy chili oil. Ingredients are listed underneath each pizza title, but there is no single location to view all the possible ingredients. Also, there is not an option to create your own pizza, or it is at least not written in the menu.

The Pizza Sorpressa is a unique menu item that surprises the guests with a spontaneous chef’s creation. This choice not only allows the chef to utilize their creativity, but also lets guests try something new and adventurous. Our Pizza Sorpressa included red and yellow peppers, and something neither I, nor my guest had ever tasted on a pizza before, potatoes. Potatoes on a pizza were unexpected, but the pizza was surprisingly enjoyable.

While Palladino’s offers an extensive pizza menu, it offers little of anything else. Some basic appetizers, chicken wings and calzones comprise the rest of the menu, but they lack salads and pastas. As a new specialty restaurant, these menu items may come later, or they may choose to simply expand their artisan pizzas. Also lacking from the menu is varying pizza sizes; a child’s size and a regular size are all that is offered, so be prepared to share a pizza with a small group or order multiple pizzas with a larger group.

The pricing is reflective of the artisan style the restaurant, with pizzas ranging from $13 to $18. For the difference in quality from a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut, the difference in price is definitely worth it.

Palladino’s adds a bit of style and class to the Carrollton cuisine, and despite the other Italian and pizza restaurants in the area, their unique perspective on pizza will certainly keep them in the cards.



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