Pericles comes to West Georgia

The UWG Theatre Company will present its version of William Shakespeare’s “Pericles” from Oct. 3-7 in the Townsend Center.  The theatre company is honored to have renowned guest director Andrea Frye in charge of the show, which will have her own conceptual twist to it.

Frye is originally from New Orleans and has an extensive history in working with theatre.  She has been nominated for several Atlanta Suzi Bass Awards, including Best Ensemble in “A Song for Coretta” and Featured Actress in “Intimate Apparel.”  In addition to working with almost every theatre company in Atlanta, she has also directed for theatres in Los Angeles and St. Louis.  This is her second time directing “Pericles.” She became intrigued by the play earlier in her career when she was cast as the role of Cerimon, and decided to put her own spin on the performance.

Although the play is normally set in Ancient Greece, Frye’s version changes time and setting throughout.  This version of “Pericles” goes from pre-colonial Africa to Haiti to 1950s New Orleans.  All of these places and eras are visited in an effort to metaphorically depict the African dispersal in America.  Despite the drastic changes in setting and era, “Pericles”’ original themes of appearance versus reality, virtue versus vice and order versus disorder can still be observed.

Frye’s goal as a director for this performance is simply to be entertained, stating that she can’t enjoy herself unless she is fully engaged in what she is doing.  As for the actors, her intentions are to create better, more agile cast members.

“The audience can expect a good time, fun, surprise, and tragedy, all followed by a happy ending,” said Frye.  This adaptation will certainly enchant the audience with its journey through time.



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