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Plans to Help Georgian’s Earn their Degree

Photo Courtesy of UCM

Governor Nathan Deal introduced the CCG (Complete College Georgia) with the support of UWG’s faculty and staff.  Their mission is to provide a variety of efforts for Georgians to complete degrees.

The CCG – UWG Plan focuses on efforts for student success. For example, online learning plays a significant part of the plan for improving graduation rates.  At West Georgia, students can earn a bachelor’s degree online in Criminology, from the beginning of their freshmen courses until graduation. Other online bachelor degrees are still in progress. Students are also able to complete their two-year courses online. “Online degrees can facilitate students to be able to still work and take courses. We want more people to have that experience, seeing in most job placements, bachelor degrees are required,” said Lisa Matheson, director of Public Information.

Strengthening K-12 is another effort for student success. Classrooms can be converted into a combination of online and classroom settings. “We try to provide different teaching methods because students learn differently. We also look at options when looking at teaching delivery,” said Matheson.

The CCG-UWG also serves the adult learner population, which targets older people that may be interested in furthering their education. The plan aims to help adult learners get an opportunity to earn a degree at a schedule that is flexible for them.

CCG-UWG also focuses on reducing the time it takes for students to earn a degree. For example, The CLEP makes sure that students know about the possibility of earning credit through taking placement exams.

Other efforts such as limiting the number of withdrawals and retakes for students, summer transition programs, and education improvement for military veterans, who are returning, are apart of the plan to help Georgian earn their degree. “We want to be able to monitor different efforts so that we make sure that students stay on track,” said Matheson.

The CCG-UWG plan is already in process, however different efforts underway with different times. “ This plan should bring more students to start a degree that will hopefully make them not only marketable but more competitive. It will make Georgia’s economy more attractive to business as well,” said Matheson. “There is a trickle down effect when you increase the quality of education and students with education. Students can earn more,” said Matheson.

Dr. Gantner, Associate Vice President for Academic Affair’s wants to get the word out to students so that they will be aware of what UWG has to offer. “ We plan to create a website, target academic advising, create yard signs and brochures, and get the student organizations involved, Gantner said. UWG believes that earning a degree requires commitment. UWG is determined to work hard so that students can reach their education goals.



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