Pollen Count Levels Increase, Higher Than Previous Years

It is officially spring time and pollen season is definitely here to stay. In the past month, the pollen count was higher this year than it was last year at this time. The pollen count was at a high of 900 and that is relatively high for the month of March and beginning of April. The pollen count for March usually stays in between 15 and 89 placing the count at a moderate level for spring.

The usual pollen months are April and May and for last year’s count it was at an extreme high. The count for last month was in a high of 8,000 or more.

Lisa Robinson, Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, gave a reason for the pollen coming early and at such high altitudes.

“Because of the snow weeks we had, the ice melted in the ground and watered everything,” Robinson said. “This caused for the flowers to bloom early and the trees to start producing pollen.”

Robinson stated that because the pollen season was here in such high volumes, allergy season came quicker than anyone would expect.

“For those who are allergic to pollen, it’s best to stay inside when possible,” Robinson stated when she listed off a number of side effects that comes with pollen.

Allergies are certainly not the first thing anyone wants to wake up to in the morning so Robinson gave some tips for those who struggle with allergies.

“Stock up on antihistamines, over-the-counter medicines and antibiotics.”

She also said other ways to avoid or help prevent sinuses from acting up is to make sure everyone is careful when going outside and to try not to tract the pollen in house.

“Pollen can also get in the house by open vents and windows,” said Robinson, “and if you have a pet be sure to wipe it down before entering into the house,” Robinson also stated, “If you have to go out, it is good to go out in the early mornings or late at night.”

Usually during this time, the pollen is low in the air and the risk of someone having a reaction is low. Covering up the face during peak times of the day can help prevent pollen from getting into the system and help reduce the allergic reaction.

The month of April is here and as the saying ‘April showers bring May Flowers’ goes, there is definitely more pollen to come. There are several websites available to become more aware of the count and it may be a good idea to consult a physician for tips.

Students at the University of West Georgia with allergies should utilize health services by getting checked out and making sure that they are covered with allergy medicine. Some students have already made a trip to the health center, but for those who haven’t make sure you make that trip today.



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