Photo Credit: Kelsey Asher

Radio and relationships: The WOLF Radio team

Photo Credit: Kelsey Asher

Chugging Monster Energy drinks and trying to keep up with the frenzied chaos that is radio production, The WOLF radio team huddles in their friendly office in the Anthropology building bottom floor. It seems the different cogs in the well-oiled machine have as interesting a story to tell as the stories they broadcast on a weekly basis.

Jumping from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and back, Kayla Morris steps up the social media game at The WOLF Internet Radio. As the first ever Social Media Director at the station, Morris keeps University of West Georgia (UWG) students “in the know,” as well as monitoring the progress of various operations of the station.

“One thing I want people to know about The WOLF and radio broadcasting in general is it isn’t as easy as it seems,” said Morris. “You can’t just go into a studio and be an on-air personality. You have to start from the bottom and work your way up. But when you do, you’ll be so much better for it.”

Despite the pride and dedication the team members put into their work, the vibe of the staff offices is anything but stuffy. Morris describes the scene as “one big dysfunctional family.”

“We may argue; we may get on each other’s nerves, but we will never stop being a family,” said Morris. “We are always there for each other when there is a need and we celebrate when someone has accomplished and done their best. We are one. What affects one of us, affects us all.”

One of Morris’ closest friends on The WOLF staff is Kelley Braswell, Program Director. Braswell’s role is mainly with selecting the music, encouraging a variety of music genres to make sure students always have something new to hear. She also trains interested students on how to cultivate on-air personas, as well as how to operate the complex machinery involved.

Braswell says she has learned most of what she knows about radio at the station, as well as editing and events planning and promotions. She also that her experience at the radio station has helped her grow as a person and learn how to interact more effectively with all kinds of people. These insights go far beyond just simply being applied to radio broadcasting.

“Working at The WOLF Internet Radio has completely shaped my college career and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Braswell. “Radio is such a fun and diverse field. Not only can listening to your favorite song flip your bad day into a good one, but it is also an amazing tool for finding out more about people.”

As independent as the group is, the radio station does not in fact act as an island. Dr. Bradford Yates, Founder and Faculty Advisor for The WOLF, oversees the larger picture for the station’s operations while allowing his capable staff to take care of day-to-day events.

“I do know that Kayla Morris and Kelley Braswell are two energetic leaders that make The WOLF team stronger than ever,” said Yates. “Kayla’s work as Social Media Director has been remarkable, and the recent award for Best Use of Social Media is a testament to her dedication and hard work. Kelley has stepped up to be the Production Manager and is doing an excellent job of producing quality content that reinforces the station’s image and brand. They are wholly invested in the station and fully adhere to the mantra I have shared with the staff in the past: teamwork, communication, and commitment.”

Morris approaches graduation this April with a degree in psychology and a minor in mass communications, as well as a certificate in social media marketing. In regards to future job prospects, Morris considers possibly working in radio behind the scenes, or pursuing her dream of becoming a bridal consultant.

After her impending graduation with a degree in mass communications, Braswell wants to continue to produce shows in the future and dreams of a position at the British Broadcasting Company.

Regardless of which career junctures the two women decide on, their fierce work ethics appear to put them on the path to success.



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