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On Tuesday, March 11 in Bonner Lecture Hall, the University of West Georgia’s WOLF Internet Radio and Mass Communications Department hosted a debate. It consisted of four candidates who talked to students on why they should be elected for certain positions on UWG’s Student Government Association. The candidates are Shavonn Bennette, running for Speaker of the Assembly, Quinntera Harris, running for Chancellor of the Treasury, Ethan Brown, running for Vice President and Sandra Santiago, running for President. Ashley Copeland, Editor-in-Chief of The West Georgian newspaper, was the moderator for this event.

The candidates in this debate gave reasons on why they want to be a part of SGA and run for these positions.

“One of the main reasons I want to be Vice President of SGA is one, because I care and because I like to be engaged,” said Brown. “And the second, I like to get stuff done. I don’t like to play politics. I just really want to make sure that we can advance the student body in any way possible.”

The candidate for the treasurer position also gave her reason.

“I’m running for Chancellor of Treasury because I love SGA and everything it stands for,” said Harris. “I really like being involved in it.”

During the discussion, the candidates all mentioned goals that they want to achieve if they become a part of SGA. Santiago’s goal for SGA is to have more diversity. She believes that SGA and organizations on campus should partner up in order to get more student involvement. Both Brown and Harris said informing students about SGA and creating student engagement is a goal that they both want to obtain with SGA. Bennette’s goal is to influence more students to come to SGA with problems they have without being scared of sharing their issues about the campus.

There were a few relevant questions that asked Copeland the SGA candidates. One of the questions was the issue of student parking at UWG. Harris gave the advice about leaving home early enough to get a good spot.

Another question Copeland asked the candidates was how they see UWG growing, in which Santiago discussed the University of West Georgia’s new strategic plan. Since UWG “aspires to be the best comprehensive university in America – sought after as the best place to work, learn, and succeed,” this strategic plan will help the university do that.

Although Copeland moderated the debate, she said that it was beneficial to students who attended it.

“I think they were able to get the outlook of who the candidates are, what their positions are on things before going out to vote,” said Copeland. “Students were able to hear them and actually talk to them and find out their ideas and goals for them running and their platform.”

The candidates shared their goals and passion for their positions and helped students understand what SGA is all about.



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