SGA Encourages Student Involvement through Weekly Meetings

The University of West Georgia’s Student Government Association (SGA), described as the official voice of the student body, is in full swing this year in hopes of getting students involved in the different things going on around campus. SGA hosts weekly meetings Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. in the Campus Center in hopes of getting students to come out and talk about the issues that they have with the campus and what can be done to make things better. President of SGA, Javaris Hall, said that they hope to inform the student body on the issues going on around campus through these informative weekly meetings. “We hope to keep the student body informed with everything that their Student Government Association is doing for them as their governing body,” stated Hall. “The main purpose of the weekly meetings is to give the student body an opportunity to address us with serious concerns on how SGA could make our campus better and to make sure that all students have the opportunity to let their voices be heard.”

The main focus of the meetings is to get the student body involved and talking about the important topics that take place on UWG’s campus such as political elections and voting places, bus shuttles, athletics and scholarship changes, among other things. The turnouts for the weekly meetings have been described as “okay” by Hall, but there is always room for more. “Our plans to have more student interaction from the student body is utilizing our resources of social media networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), utilizing our campus media resources (e.g. The West Georgian, Wolf Internet Radio and UTV-13) and interacting with as many students as we can to become informed on what is going on at our University.”

Every week, students can expect to be able to attend these meetings and voice their opinions on what is important to them, the next topic being Thursday, Oct. 25 as Mark Reeves and Auxiliary Services speak to the assembly and the installment of the Sustainability Committee.

Hall has several committee members to help with the task of governing the student body. They consist of Vice President Madison Barnett, Chancellor to the Treasury Dana Jones, Chief Justice Brian Nunez, Speaker Sandra Santiago, Majority Leader Christen Benson and Parliamentarian Robert Sparks. Although the committee is set into place for the remainder of the school year, anyone can get involved with SGA. Students who are not actively on the SGA committee may also get involved through participating in SGA events and meetings. “We encourage all students to get actively involved because any help can make a difference on our campus, and SGA cannot do this alone,” said Hall. “It takes a collective effort from the entire student body to keep UWG in the right direction.”

Anybody who wants to be actively involved in SGA can find committee applications at, click the “get involved” link on the left, fill out the committee application and turn it into the SGA office located upstairs in the Campus Center. Please contact SGA Press Secretary De’sa Fuller at with any interests on becoming involved.



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