SGA offers students opportunity to meet UWG administration

The Student Government Association (SGA) is hosting a Meet the Administration event on Thursday, Oct. 22, to give University of West Georgia (UWG) students the opportunity to engage and interact with administrative officials.

Michelle Moore, director of community and engagement, and her committee within SGA have organized the event for the UWG student body.

The following UWG administrators are planned to attend to the event: Dr. Kyle Marrero, UWG president; Mark Reeves, vice president of auxiliary services; Jim Sutherland, senior vice president of business and finance; Thomas Mackel, Chief of UWG Police; John Head, associate vice president for enrollment management; Xavier Whitaker, associate vice president for student life; Myrna Gantner, associate vice president for academic affairs and associate professor of educational leadership.

Attendees will be split into groups upon arrival and placed with an administrator at their assigned table. From there they will rotate around the room until they’ve had the chance to speak with each administrator.

“It’s kind of like a speed-dating event,” explained Moore. “So the students are invited to come participate and we’ll have seven head administrators sitting at tables available for students to converse with them and get to know them a little better.”

Along with the UWG administration in attendance, SGA President Chance Grzesik will also among the rotation available for students to speak with. Grzesik feels this is an important opportunity students should take advantage of.

“This event allows for the exchange of perspectives from both parties, which is something to take advantage of from both students and administration,” said Grzesik.

Even at a smaller university like UWG, it can often be challenging for students to meet administration, especially on a personal level. SGA hopes this event will offer students that opportunity.

“The main outcome we’re looking for is for the administration to have one-on-one conversations with the students, because they usually don’t get this opportunity to talk to the students as well,” said Moore. “We also hope the students and administrators are able to build relationships from these conversations.”



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