Shooting at the Flats leaves one with minor injuries

On Saturday, March 6, the City of Carrollton Police Department received a call at 3 a.m. for shots fired in the parking lot of the Flats apartment complex at 316 Colombia Drive. On route, they received another call that a person had been shot and was in a white sedan.

Upon arrival, officers found three men sitting in a white Nissan Altima with a Florida license plate. One of the passengers in the Nissan was the victim of the shooting. Upon inspection, police only found bruises and swelling to one of his shoulders. It appeared the bullet grazed the victim’s shoulder. Police questioned the victim and his two friends.

The victim and his two friends were sitting in the car in the parking lot of the Flats when an unknown male approached them. The man said he had an iPhone he wanted to sell for $120, which one of the friends agreed to purchase. As the group began counting the money out, the unknown suspect reached through the window of the car and tried to grab the money and run.

“When he did that, they panicked,” said Captain Shannon Cantrell, captain of the Criminal Investigative Services Division. “The driver quickly backed the car up in the parking lot, when he then struck a parked vehicle. About the time he was backing up and hitting this car, they started hearing gunshots.”

Police recovered three shell casings from the crime scene; two .40-caliber and one .380-caliber, indicating the use of at least two different handguns, but police do not know how many shooters there were. None of the victims could tell how many people were shooting.

The police are still looking for the shooters. However, the victim and his friends were unable to give a good description of the unknown male.

“The detectives are re-interviewing the people involved and re-interviewing the witnesses to make sure the stories stay the same,” said Cantrell. “They are also making sure they didn’t remember something that they did not say that night that would give us a lead on who the suspect might be.”




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