Social Media Brings Positivity

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube are just some of the social media websites that allow people to express their ideas, concerns, objections and opinions. Although they give millions of people an unlimited and unfiltered amount of free speech, sometimes the comments and negativity of others is not always so flattering. Some users make hurtful statements about others, leaving doubt, resentment and sadness in the person who received the jab. However, despite the destructiveness that social media can cause, there are moments where it is used for more than just flattening someone’s self-esteem.

One instance where social media was used for positivity was when “sleepyheads,” fans of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, used Twitter to display their love for their series that has a 50 percent chance of being cancelled. They gave hashtags and trended slogans like “#RenewSleepyHollow,” “#KeepItBeharie” and “#WeMissSleepyHollow.” No matter their races, occupation and geographic location, through optimistic tweets these fans are joining together for something they lose their heads over.

“#EncourageEveryoneIn4Words” was another hashtag on Twitter that represented how social media could be used to uplift someone and bring people together. Besides posting a regular status, users uploaded photos, gifs and video clips that comforted others who needed it most. This hashtag was a way to bring a smile to someone’s face and help them push through their dilemma.

Not only was Twitter recently filled with positive vibes, but so was Tumblr. On March 6, many African Americans participated in the first ever Blackout Day event. Social media users posted photos, videos, gifs and text posts that celebrated our race. Tumblr was overflowing with so many selfies that exhibited the love and appreciation for who we are. There were no stereotypes or negative representations of African Americans — all the posts came from sensitive, confident and accepting hearts. No one was calling anyone fat, ugly or any other cruel words. Everyone shared words of kindness.

If you want to make good use of websites like Twitter and Facebook, you can easily spread a word or two of joy to someone by sending them a message, video or posting a picture. You can also create your own hashtag and show others how amazing social media can be if you used it to send a little happiness to others.



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