Mass Communications presents Spotlight On: Communication Soft Skills

The University of West Georgia’s Mass Communications department is hosting its annual spring symposium on Wednesday, Apr. 8. This year’s topic is “Spotlight On: Communication Soft Skills.”

Spearheaded by Gail Reid, assistant professor and the Director of Speech Communication in the Mass Communications department, this seminar will feature a panel moderated by a UWG public speaking staff member. The panel will include professionals from the business world, representatives from UWG Career Services and a representative from the Richards College of Business.

The communication soft skills that the panel will be discussing include important business basics: teamwork, appropriate communication and proper presentation proficiencies. These are skills that employers look for in potential employees, and this seminar gives students a chance to hear and learn about these skills firsthand from business professionals.

During the seminar, the panelists will take questions from student respondents and will conclude by taking audience questions, giving the students a chance to react to the panel discussion. One main purpose of the symposium is for students to take away the fact that they need to be prepared in the business world; they should hone all their skills—not just the academic ones.

“It’s always very interesting to hear the panel talk about their perspective,” said Reid. “This year, one of the representatives will be from Human Resources, so they are seeing on the front lines what employers are looking for and how important these soft skills are.”

Students who attend the panel will gain a better understanding of exactly what employers are looking for during an interview. After listening to the panelists, students will know how to mold themselves and their skills to better fit into the professional work environment.

This is the fourth year that this spring panel has been held. The past three spotlights were “Campus Safety,” “Campus Diversity” and “College vs. Alternatives.” All three topics were chosen not only for interest to UWG students, but also subjects students may not be able to discuss or learn about in an academic class.

“We typically pick a topic that is not on the mainstream, but that would be of interest to our students,” said Reid. “The Mass Communications department is very excited to get to offer something special as they conclude the spring semester.”

The event will take place in Ingram Library at 6:30 p.m. and will last about an hour and fifteen minutes. It is open to all UWG faculty, staff and students.



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