Spoken Word Poetry Group Welcomes Students

Artistic expression, imaginative performances and good vibes invites the Carrollton community, and now the University of West Georgia community to the Carrollton Creative Writer’s Club new event, Open Mic Nite.

Every third Friday of the month with the help of the Carrollton Arts, Recreation and Parks Department,  the Carrollton Writer’s Club hosts its new open mic program outside of the Gallery Row Coffee, 309 Adamson Square.

The club created Open Mic Nite because they wanted to encourage the community. “We want students to have a place for spoken word,” said Chuck Wanager, a member of the Carrollton Creative Writer’s Club. “Come and perform and let your voices be heard.”

There are no limits on what can be performed. “Students can present their spoken word, prose and songs,” said Wanager. Performers can also present their music and even their dramas. “We’d love to have comedy.” Wanager encourages theatre, music, and fine arts majors to participate in the monthly event.

It is free to sign up and participate in Open Mic Nite. Participants must be at least 18. Each participant has 10 minutes to perform, with all performed pieces being original work.

Wanager has plans on making the program bigger and said ‘we’re just getting started.’ Wanager spoke of potentially holding a contest or having rewards.

“Something students can take with them to show they’ve done this,” said Wanager. “It’s a chance to show your new work in front of an audience.”

Wanager’s ambition does not stop there. He eventually wants to be able to hold Open Mic Nite on the UWG campus. He believes it would be a great way for students to release their talents. Not only that, but he also wishes to host larger scaled events dealing with the same creative theme.

The Carrollton Writer’s Club has been around for two years, and as of now, consists of around 40 members. Open Mic Nite started earlier this year in June.

“Not everyone in the club performs, but there’s usually a good turnout,” said Wanager.

The writer’s club has held three Open Mic Nites and out of those three nights, only one UWG student has performed.

“We’re not a bunch of old people,” said Wanager. He wants to incorporate a wider range of ages for both the Open Mic Nite and the writer’s club as a whole.

Chuck Wanager has lived in Carrollton for 10 years, and has been a member of the writer’s club for two years. Wanager, a long time journalist, wrote for both the Times Georgian and Star News.

As someone who stuck to journals, it was not until later that Wanager began his creative writing. Holding Open Mic Nite was something he always wanted to do, and now the opportunity is available. He now has a published book titled Jackson Flats and is now working on a collection of 50 poems, along with a memoir.

Any students interested in presenting in Open Mic Nite, or the Carrollton Creative Writer’sClub should contact Wanager at 770-214-5755 or by email at cwanager77@yahoo.com



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