Spring Fling 2016 flashes back to the 90s

The annual Spring Fling hosted by the Student Activities Council (SAC) will take place Wednesday, April 20 in Love Valley. It is one of the biggest events of the school year. Emily Teitelbaum, assistant director for Student Events and Programs, expects about one thousand students to show up..

The event, which has been a UWG tradition for over 20 years, is scheduled to have games, giveaways, inflatables, a DJ and free food and t-shirts. This year, SAC has chosen a 90s theme.

“We are going to have 90s Nickelodeon-type shirts and candy,” said Teitelbaum. “It should be a really fun event for students.”

Aramark will provide the food for the event. There will be corndogs, mini hot dogs, sliders, soft pretzels with cheese, popsicles and cotton candy. SAC has also contacted Monster to hopefully provide free energy drinks for students.

There are a limited number of free t-shirts available, so SAC has come up with a solution to give more students a chance at getting shirts.

“We will try and disperse the shirts throughout the event or at least have two different times, since they go so fast in the beginning,” said Teitelbaum. “We might try and give some out at 4:30 p.m. and then again at 6 p.m.”

One of the newest inflatables will be a Hungry-Hungry Hippo game, where students are strapped to bungee cords and will race to a pond of balls between them to attempt to gather as many balls as they can. In addition to the inflatable, there will be many other activities, such as a bungee trampoline, a mechanical bull, a caricature artist and big red chair photos.

Because the annual Spring Fling is such a huge event, SAC has made sure there will be enough volunteers to help make the event as successful as possible.

“We really hope the weather cooperates, since [the Spring Fling] is outside,” said Teitelbaum. “SAC loves this event, and it’s a great way to end the year. We love the excitement that comes with it, and I am proud of all of the hard work the students have put in to making this a great event.”



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