Photo Credit: UWG SGA

Photo Credit: UWG SGA

The University of West Georgia’s student government association meets every Thursday to make positive changes for students through different planned events, introducing new traditions and passing bills and guidelines to continue the enhancement of student experience here at UWG.

The core purpose of SGA is to promote unity throughout the campus, provide a strong representation of student’s questions and concerns about campus life. SGA also promotes programs that enhance the well being of the student body, and to always encourage a level of higher learning for students.

SGA makes sure that with every rule and bill passed, the students will have had some input in the passing or revocation of a bill. The way that SGA plans to enhance campus life for students is through the optimal experience through athletics. It seeks to involve students more in athletic events such as homecoming and blackout games. Especially with the UWG football and volleyball teams receiving new coaches it required the UWG campus to arise with new modern traditions to match the new era that UWG sports has turned into.

Sophomore SGA member Sumiya Culler, joined SGA last spring to “be more involved in campus life, and to give voice to the students concerns about campus related matters. The biggest concern of SGA is the progression of the student’s experience while being in college, as well as making long-lasting traditions for UWG to continue in for years to come. With homecoming weekend quickly approaching, campus life is sure to be full of new lively events to kick off the heavily anticipated game on Saturday against Johnson C. Smith.

If student of UWG feels that there is something that they can bring to the campus that has not yet been introduced or is overlooked and they are looking for a way to stay involved without overloading themselves, SGA is a viable option.

If interested in joining, get in contact with one of the board members for SGA, and they will assist you. Students have the right to a great and thrilling experience while attending UWG. SGA along with multiple other associations around campus strive to make sure that the fulfillment of that experience is met and brought full circle.