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“I always say Campus Outreach is for two types of people: Christians growing in their faith, and people who are investigating Jesus Christ,” said Josh Etress, director of Campus Outreach. Campus Outreach is an Interdenominational Christian College Ministry focused on building “Christ-like leaders.” This year’s theme of Campus Outreach will be centered on reinvestigating Jesus Christ. Meetings are held in Bonner Lecture Hall every Wednesday at 9 p.m. It is a great place to delve into faith and worship; “it’s a good environment, with good teaching and there is no pressure,” said Etress.

Every year, Campus Outreach gives students the opportunity to attend Fall Retreat. It is a chance to get away with friends for a weekend, meet new people and build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. The retreat will be Sept. 21-23 in Ocoee, Tennessee.

“I think going and being exposed to the teaching at the retreat will essentially challenge [students] to re-evaluate what brings [them] satisfaction in life and why. I believe this year will be different because a larger amount of people will be attending, which allows more people to relate to, and a ton of memories,” said Carine Dyna LaFortune, junior.  Students that are a part of Campus Outreach Birmingham, which includes Berry College, University of North Alabama, Samford University, Troy University and Jacksonville State will also be attending the retreat this year.

There are many activities planned for this year’s retreat. Whitewater rafting, paintball, flag football, canoeing and swimming are some activities that students can enjoy. There will also be a lake blob! The cost for white water rafting is $55 or students can choose to opt out of rafting and enjoy all other activities for $30. The cost includes 4 meals and lodging for 2 nights. Carpool will be available for students looking for a ride.

For more information about Fall Retreat, contact Josh Etress by email at or for more information on this organization, visit Follow Campus Outreach on Twitter @cowestgeorgia and like Campus Outreach West Georgia on Facebook.



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