Photo Credit: Kennyatta Collins

Student spotlight: up and coming entrepreneur Anisa Pennie

Photo Credit: Kennyatta Collins
Photo Credit: Kennyatta Collins

UWG’s Fashion Forward President Anisa Pennie saunters into the entrance of Haven West’s Clubhouse, wearing her favorite pair of black UGG’s with an army green jacket, dark wash jeans, a simple top and a neon green Nike cap. Although it is raining and frigid outside, Fashion Forward’s president is always dressed to fit any occasion. Even at a young age, Pennie loved fashion. Her mother taught her that how she presented herself would inevitably impact how others viewed her.

“From the day I was born, my mom would dress me in the cutest outfits, or rather, what she thought was cute,” said Pennie. “I like the idea of putting patterns and colors together, and even more than that, I just love feeling good.”

Pennie came to UWG looking to get involved. Shortly after attending UWG, she saw a Fashion Forward flier that read “Models Wanted.”

“Fashion Forward is an organization on campus that strives to merge together students from all walks of life that are interested in fashion,” said Pennie. “The flier caught my attention, and thereafter, I went and auditioned for their fashion show and was selected as a model.”

After being an active member for three years, along with modeling in the organization’s annual fashion show, Pennie became the president of Fashion Forward.

“Honestly, I never thought I would hold an executive board position in any organization, let alone become president of Fashion Forward,” said Pennie. ” Now I have the opportunity to share my love of fashion with other students that love it as well.”

Pennie also joined The WOLF Internet Radio. With fellow UWG students Bintou Demba and Kiera Lindsey, Pennie co-hosts the segment “Chick Chat,” an hour-long show dedicated to women. The trio discusses many issues, such as post-graduation plans, LGBT community opinions and all the complexities that Valentine’s Day brings.

“I have been active at the radio station for the last year, and I am still amazed with how much I have grown,” said Pennie. “Being added as the newest co-host of ‘Chick Chat’ has been a dream come true.”

Pennie’s involvement in the WOLF Internet Radio and Fashion Forward not only showcases her versatility but also advances her brand. Her goal is to empower women to be entrepreneurs. By using the hashtag #WhoIsAnisaBrenee,` the model/“entrepreneuHER” markets her specific “brand” on outlets such as Instagram.

“An entrepreneuHER is a female entrepreneur,” she said..”Being an entrepreneuHER is not an easy task, but I like to think that all of the hard work I am putting forth now will motivate others.”

Pennie has worked hard to have a strong following on Instagram, boasting almost 6,000 followers, and finds it is the best way to expand her brand.

“Being president of Fashion Forward and a new voice on the WOLF Internet Radio are just two of my goals I have reached while attending UWG,” said Pennie. “Stay tuned because this will not be the last time you hear of Miss Anisa Breneé.”



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