Summer Study Abroad Program Culminates in “Art in France” Exhibition

artThe UWG art department finished their weeklong “Art in France” Exhibition Thursday night, Sept. 29, which was a showcase of 10 student’s experiences while studying abroad last July in France.

The glass display room on the second floor were lined with different styles of artwork, ranging from photography, abstract art, and black and white prints.

The students were not given strict guidelines when given the assignment. They were exposed to different cultures and experiences while in France, and despite the fact that all the students were together the entire time, each individual had his or her own unique experience. The students attempted to translate their experiences into artwork, and stage an exhibition.

Kevin Shunn, Art Department Chair, said that the students were simply given basic guidelines about the project and exhibition, such as time and place, space of the exhibition hall, etc. and were left to their own devices to design the art as well as stage the exhibition in Humanities.

“It’s all their own ideas, concepts and artwork,” said Shunn. “The students were exposed to many different things in France which they spent their time researching and documenting their experiences. They then created artwork based on their experiences of their trip.”

After their trip, the students drew up ideas and a proposal and got to work showcasing their experiences and what they learned during those two weeks.

“This is simply a celebration of their experience, as well as to showcase the opportunities that arise from study abroad,” said Shunn. “The students convey their experiences and feelings about these different cultures through their art.”

Approximately 30 pieces of art were decorated on the walls and floor of the glass display hall in the Humanities building. Eight of the 10 students had artwork featured in the hall, some of it being available for purchase, some of the students keeping their pieces to use for their portfolio.



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