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TEAS Test Canceled at UWG

Courtesy of University Communications and Marketing

The TEAS Test (Test of Essential Academic Skills), an entry-level exam that measures basic abilities in reading, math, science, and language arts will no longer be offered for nursing students at UWG.

“There have been predictions that the TEAS Test determines the success of students, but we have found this not to be true and this is why we have decided to remove the test,” said Cynthia Epps, Associate Dean of the Department of Nursing. “We have had many students take the test repeatedly, so we are taking that matter into consideration”

The School of Nursing has yet to finalize a decision regarding a new criterion to replace the TEAS Test.  The nursing school will make an announcement for incoming nursing students once a decision has been reached.

UWG nursing students have mixed feelings about the school’s decision.

“When I heard the TEAS Exam was no longer a requirement for West Georgia’s nursing program, for a slight moment I was relieved because I’ll be saving so much money that way,” said Samantha Subramani, a junior pre-nursing major.  “Then it made me worry how the outcome would affect me when I am applying for the program and what my chances of being accepted will be based on.  I don’t think the TEAS Exam should be eliminated as a requirement but it should weigh less than the nursing GPA when applications are evaluated for admission.”

Subramani added that her experience taking the test was a little nerve-wracking, but that she will take it repeatedly from other schools if necessary.

“I will be applying to UWG’s nursing program, as well,” said Subramani. “My goal right now is to work on as many applications as I can in hopes of starting nursing school next year.”

“I think it was a good idea to do away with the TEAS Test because I firmly believe standardized tests are not for everyone,” said Emily Deaver, former nursing student. “The wait to get into nursing school can be quite extended due to the amount of competition and limited seats in the program. I honestly would have loved for this decision to eliminate the TEAS Exam to take place while I was a nursing student.” Deaver is now a mass communications major.

The School of Nursing stands firm on its decision to cancel the TEAS Test and does not plan to bring it back. Still, the University of West Georgia’s School of Nursing will continue to strive for academic excellence by providing quality education for students seeking work in the field of nursing.



3 thoughts on “TEAS Test Canceled at UWG

  1. I agree with this article since US has been flooded with foreign nurses, probably many of them won’t passed the TEAS test, and US student has to suffer to become a nurse! complete BS

  2. Foreign nurses Come here and just study so hard for the nclex and if they pass they become nurses. Most of these nurses I personally know are from countries where education standard is not high, and nursing is for students who didn’t do well on their high school tests. We are struggling here to get into nursing school, and they just come and become nurses. I bet they couldn’t get into the program if they started here, and we spend so much on education, and they spend nothing and get to be nurses so fast. It is unfair to the American prospective nursing student

  3. I bet you that foreign students will outperform you. Here in the US, they are persuading people to go to school, but they are not willing to take the chance. What foreigners got to do with the test the University canceled? Please, don’t start hating because foreigners are part of the Economic building in the U.S. Just read your book and don’t be happy that the college scrapped out a test and you start hating.

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